Who is your Greek Godly Parent ?

Think you're a demigod ? Well take this quiz to see who your godly parent might be. All of these gods are good (don't say anything different or they might blast you with a bolt ) It is quite hard being a demigod. I am a daughter of Aphrodite. Goddess of love and Beauty.

There are many demigods that are hidden in the world. Some don't even know they are demigods. Monsters are real too. But don't worry. They are easily killed.

Created by: Hannathedemigoddess
  1. What is your favorite color?
  2. Who is your least favorite god.
  3. What is your weapon ?
  4. Favorite subject
  5. Favorite thing to do
  6. Favorite thing to read.
  7. Favorite store
  8. Favorite power
  9. Favorite food
  10. Favorite day of the week

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Quiz topic: Who is my Greek Godly Parent ?