Who is your Godly Parent

There are many Greek gods and goddesses out there, but which could be your parent? Do this quiz to find out a bit more about yourself as well as your parent! 😄

Please remember to answer the questions honestly and read each question carefully! Check out my instagram account @demigod.piper_ 🌺 Please note, if you get Hephaestus there is a bug that makes him look like Aphrodite!

Created by: Hannah
  1. How would you describe yourself in school? (part 1/2)
  2. How would you describe yourself at home or with your friends? (Part 2/2)
  3. What colour(s) are your bedroom walls?
  4. Which social media site do you use the most?
  5. Your bedroom mostly has 'n' on the walls
  6. What's your favourite food group?
  7. What can't you live without?
  8. Out of the options, what is your favourite smell?
  9. Which of these is your greatest fear?
  10. Thanks for taking my quiz, I hope you get the answer you wanted!

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Quiz topic: Who is my Godly Parent