What is your olympian parent

There are 12 Greek Olymian gods and goddesses. You may wonder: If I were a demigod, who would be my godly parent? But how do I find it out? I can't just guess.

Here we have 9 olympians to be the children of. Will you be Zeus? Or Aphrodite? Only you can find out with this Quiz. Why don't you try it on for size?

Created by: Calla Theses
  1. do you like rainbows?
  2. what's your favorite?
  3. favorite activity?
  4. what is favorite t.v/movie?
  5. pick one!
  6. super powers?
  7. Height of power?
  8. time?
  9. kinds of pie?
  10. what is your style?
  11. favorite board game?

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Quiz topic: What is my olympian parent