Who Is Your Minor Godly Parent(Greek)

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Hiii! I'm back with another quiz yet again and this one is about your Greek godly parent. So this quiz is going to tell you who your godly parent would be if you were a demigod in the Percy Jackson universe.

There is something different about this quiz though; I'm not using any of the Olympians as results. There will be five results and they will all be minor gods and goddesses. I hope you enjoy my quiz!

Created by: Cinnamon_Roll

  1. Which of these three Olympians do you respect the most?
  2. What letter does your given name start with?
  3. Black or White?
  4. Which one of these personality descriptions fits you the best? (remember that you could be different from all of these descriptions. Since this is fictional there is no way to get it completely accurate.)
  5. Are you more of a realist or an idealist?
  6. Quick, choose a word
  7. What color hair do you have?
  8. What about your eyes? What color are they?
  9. Don't kill me, but I need to ack this. What's your favorite color? *hides*
  10. Do you think your godly parent is a male or female?
  11. How do you let out your feelings of anger?
  12. Ok, that's the end of my quiz! I hope that you enk=joyed it and I hope that you rate and comment :) (this doesn't affect your result)

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