Godly Parent Quiz (HoO)

Hi. I'm glad to see you've come to check this quiz out! Now, you're probably wondering what this is all about. HoO stands for the Heroes of Olympus series, which is part of the Percy Jackson universe. This quiz will center around deciding who you're godly parent is.

To let you know, you might not get you're actual godly parent. There are a total of ten gods you can get from this quiz, so if you don't get the one you resonate with the most, it's totally fine. If you thought you should have gotten something else, take the quiz again.

Created by: Ecklipse
  1. Age?
  2. How are you feeling?
  3. Which combination of colors do you like the most.
  4. What's your idea of a good time?
  5. What's you're biggest fear? Hehehe....
  6. Which would you rather have as a pet?
  7. Ya like cheese?
  8. What's most important to you?
  9. School subject or topic of your liking?
  10. Cool, we're done then! Bye!

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