Which of the Three Musketeers +1 from the mysteries are you

This is a test of which musketeer -- plus D'Artagnan -- you are. Intelligent D'Artagnan, Loyal Porthos, Cunning Aramis, Noble Athos. They're very different men with different inclinations.

It is based on Sarah D'Almeida's Musketeer Mysteries, published by Prime Crime books, so some answers might be slightly different from Dumas. Of course, if you are a fan it will be easy to game the results, but that might be fun as well.

Created by: Sarah of Sarah's Stories
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  1. You find yourself running naked down the street, with nothing but a rapier in hand. What just happened?
  2. If you have challenged a man to a duel, it is probably because:
  3. The only thing that scares you is:
  4. If you find yourself attracted to a woman
  5. If you find yourself in the most ridiculous outfit ever
  6. If a man has done you a great injustice, your best course of action is to:
  7. You find yourself suspected of murder. What do you do?
  8. You have to go to the royal palace and ask questions. That's okay because:
  9. Though you're unfailingly gallant and many believe you have a roving eye, your romantic situation in fact:
  10. When faced with a problem, you
  11. Which facet of life most often escapes your control
  12. Which word sends a shiver up your spine?
  13. When you retire you wish to:
  14. If you were told to take up a sword and assume kingship you would:

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