Poison-Berry Lane Mysteries #1: the Missing Diamond

You've just moved to a new town, and a new street called Poison-Berry lane. Poison-Berry lane seems to be filled with mystery, and your stuck in the middle of it. In the first mission ever, meet the team, and solve for The Missing Diamond.

This mystery is intended for kids and teens of either gender. However, it can be played by any age! Find out if you were meant to be a detective, and answer the questions as truthfully as possible.

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  1. You've just moved to a totally new place. The street you've landed on is called Poison-Berry Lane. The place is always dark, with gloomy clouds hanging about. You think-
  2. Your mom forces you to take a apple pie down the street, to meet some new friends.
  3. The first house you knock on is deserted. So, cautiously, you move onto the next house. The next house has a tall iron gate, and dead plants everywhere. The house is tall, and spooky looking. Shutters hang off by one hinge, and an unsteady wind blows...
  4. You press the doorbell. The sound echoes throughout the house.
  5. The door is opened by two kids your age. Both are pale, and have black hair and bright green eyes, the only difference is that one is a boy, and one is a girl.
  6. You tell them-
  7. “Why don't you come on in?” the boy says. So you step over the the threshold. The house is nicely decorated, but it feels very old. There is no TV, or video games, so you ask-
  8. “We solve mysteries for fun.” The girl smiles - noticing your interest in the missing household item, strangely you feel a little better. “But surely there aren't enough mysteries to go around...” you say, “This town is full of mystery!” The boy responds, leading you to the kitchen.
  9. “You two sure look alike.” you say, “We're twins,” The girl shrugs. “Oh, and speaking of twins...” the boy says,
  10. “We're in the middle of a mystery, right now. Someone replaced an actual diamond with a fake one.” The girl explains. “Wanna help us solve it?” The boy asks...

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