The Valentine Surprise Part 4

You have just awakened from your black-out at the healer's house. Find out what happens next in the series of quizzes! And which one has captured your heart? The invisible, compassionate Ephriam? The intellectual, mind-controlling Blake? The tough & buff super strong & fast Ethen? Or even the evil, demon Ryan?

Do you like story quizzes? If so, the Valentine Surprise is for you! Start here at www. gotoquiz .com/ the_ valentine_ suprise_ part_1 (delete spaces). Have fun, and I hope you enjoy!

Created by: Feygoddess of feygoddess kix butt >=O
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  1. You wake up, your head on Blake's shoulder in the back of Ethen's car. Ephriam is no where to be seen.
  2. "Uh... Where is Eph? Where are we going?" You ask. "Eavy, (Or insert your name here) I don't know how to tell you this, but... Eph, he's... we're going to..." Blake stutters.
  3. "What? Where?" you ask. "McDonalds." Ethen replies instead. "Whyyyy...????" you say, puzzled. "McDonalds is the entrance to Vaeyle's realm. Ephriam's on a scouting mission, with what his invisibility and all..." he trails off, glancing at you. "Yeh, I remember. Blake has telekinesis, and you...
  4. "Yep." Ethen pulls into the parking lot of the fast food restaurant and shuts off the engine. You all sit in the car, immoble. "What--" you start, impatient, but he cuts you off. "Blake??" He whispers in a strained voice. You turn to Blake and see his normally blue eyes are almost white. "I don't see--" Blake whispers equally softly, his faraway eyes gazing into yours. However, he was interrupted by a thumping on the car door directly next to you.
  5. Ephriam appears, the door sliding open. He sits wearily next to you: the blood stains your jeans and white tank top.
  6. "Ephriam?!" You, Blake and Ephriam shout together. He smiles wearily. "She's inside, but guarded by several demons, not to mention Ryan and Lisa. I'm sorry, but one of them saw me." Blake reaches pass you to pat Ephriam reassuringly. "You did good, bro. We'll do the rest and get her. You just hold on and we'll take you to the healers." Ethen nods and passes you a small handgun, as well as a pocket knife. "I hope you won't need these." Then he leans over and kisses you, before he and Blake are gone. You lock the doors.
  7. Alone with Ephriam, you turn your attention to him. "Eph?' you ask, hesitating. He manages a moan in pain, leaning heavily on you. "Pray you never get attacked by Vaeyle's minions. Eavy... It hurts..." "Ephriam?" you say, panicked. You rest his head on your breasts and rock him gently, crooning to him like a child. After he quiets down, you inquire, "Who is this 'she' in McDonalds?"
  8. "Mm.." He murmurs, lulled to sleep by your heartbeat.
  9. "Eph?' you gently probe. He makes an effort to open his eyes. "The Oracle... Not only does... she see the future... she... can teach you... your... powers......." You contemplate this, until...
  10. realise Ephriam isn't breathing.
  11. "Ephriam?!! No! Wait! Eph?!" You shout, shaking him. "NO!" Tears stream down your face. Suddenly, the car window closest to you shatters, shards of glass showering you in cascades of clear, fragmental blades.

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