How well do you know Bullet For My Valentine?!

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This quiz will see if you have any idea about the awesome-FREAKING AWESOME band Bullet for my Valentine. And if you do you are a pretty awesome person and you are probably obsessed with this band like I am. Do you qualify?

Do YOU qualify to be called a Bullet for my Valentine freak? This quiz can- Will tell you if you are or not, not many people know everything about them, but this will tell you.!

Created by: tro

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  1. What type of musik does Bullet for my Valentine display?
  2. How many members are in the band?
  3. What is the Lead Guitarists' nick name?
  4. What is the lead singer/growler's name?
  5. How old is Matthew Tuck? (2010)
  6. What year was Bullet for my Valentine's album "The Poison" released?
  7. What are some nicknames of the band?
  8. Hand of Blood..
  9. What track was "Your betrayal" on Fever?
  10. Who was the former bass player for Bullet for my valentine?
  11. What is their drummers name?
  12. Matt was born:
  13. Who is one of their influences?
  14. Will you comment/Rate?
  15. Does Matthew Have Children?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Bullet For My Valentine?!