Knowledge On Bullet For My Valentine

This is quiz is based on the band bullet for my valentine and excellent British heavy metal band who i am a big fan on. Let's see how much you actually know about them.

The questions are based on all different things to do with band. You should know the answers and if you don't then your definitely not a true fan. Let's see what you got!

Created by: Angus
  1. What year did bullet for my valentine form?
  2. What was bullet for my valentines first album?
  3. Complete the lyrics - You fake your damn nation You pray for salvation cause your heart is made of stone You can die and rot
  4. What album is Bittersweet Memories on?
  5. Complete the lyrics and fill in the missing words - Your tears don't fall they around me
  6. What was bullet for my valentines most recent tour called?
  7. What was bullet for my valentines most recent single?
  8. What is Moose from bullet for my valentines real name?
  9. Cries in vein is not on which of these albums?
  10. Who is the lead Guitarist For Bullet For My Valentinw

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