They Love Me Part 8

So sorry it took a while to make this! We've been caught up in so many things like Karen with her hip hop dancing and Dannica with her guitar classes;; This is Part 8 of the series "They Love Me" .

Dakota has dark brown hair&Gray Eyes.Matt has black hair&dark brown eyes.Jared has dirty-blonde hair&Ocean-blue eyes.Nick has brown hair&Hazel eyes.Taylor has brown hair w/ black highlights&Green eyes.Dane has golden brown hair&unusual yet beautiful light purple eyes. Chris is a red-head&has blue-green eyes.

Created by: Dannicasaur&Karenasaurus
  1. After the funeral, You went upstairs and changed to your training clothes. You weren't sure if you should be excited considering that you just attended a funeral of Matt's former lover. You went downstairs emotionless and said out loud so everyone could hear,"OK! I'm ready for training! Who am I training with all of you??" In your head you're thinking,"Wow. I sound hella desperate." The boys smiled then Taylor said,"You'll be training with 2 people today...Nick and...Dane." ;
  2. "Dane??? Oh no. Don't tell me that my oh so normal crush from school has some sort of power" -_____- "Well...he does...he can orb too. And his friend Chris? Yea he has the power to control one of the elements:Earth." Jared says. "And um how do you know this? Have you been stalking them or something??" You say back crossing your arms. "Noooo we noticed earlier at school, remember when Chris suddenly had to go trying to hide that green glow coming from his hand? Yup. We noticed it." Dakota said. ;
  3. "Ooooh k. Ummmm so were Dane and Chris my protectors too?" You ask. "No. Dane was actually training Chris. Since Dane is an orber he can sense good power and bad power in people. He sensed all of us at school and now he and Chris are coming over. " Replied Nick. "Can I sense good and bad powers too?" You say intently . "Well no. Only because you're only part orber. In order to have all the cool orber powers you have to be full orber." "Dangit." You say. "Dane and Chris won't be here till another hour so you and I can start traning first." Nick said ;;
  4. "Alrighttyy." You say with a smile as Nick stands up and you two lock arms. As you guys are walking to the backyard you ask Nick ,"Which power are we gonna work with todayy?" He said,"We're gonna work on your freezing power. Since I'm a healer, you have to really focus your energy on your hands, and that's also what you need for your power." You nod in reply as you guys get to the training field. Nick picks up these marble discs and says to you,"Ok so I'm going to throw these up in the air and you're going to try and freeze them ok?" With a worried look on your face you say,"What If I can't do it?" "Just focus on freezing the discs. Don't worry, I know you can do it" he says with a smile;;
  5. You smile and return and start stretching a little bit. You close your eyes and hold your hands out. You take deep breathes trying to focus the energy to your hands. You feel it surging through you and you hear Nick saying,"You ready?" "Yeaa!" you say back and you open your eyes. You see the disc flying in the air and you make a motion with your hands and you think the disc will freeze when plop. It falls to the ground.;
  6. "Sheit." You say. Nick started laughing and said,"It's ok it's your first try, are you ready to try again?" "Yes. I'm pretty sure that I'm gonna get this right this time." You say with determination in your eyes and voice. Nick nodded and throw another disc in the air. You build up your energy and make the same motion with your hands. The disc froze in mid-air and Nick yelled out "Good Job _______!! I knew you could do it!" You smile which then turns into a grin and Nick said,"Alright let's not get too cocky. Let's see if you can freeze the other discs." He continued throwing them up in the air and you continued freezing them after you froze all the discs Nick said,"Now try unfreezing them. Its almost the same thing as freezing but wave your hand the opposite direction." "K." You said. On the first time you unfroze the discs and smiled in satisfaction;;
  7. Nick continued smiling and then said,"Now here comes the hard part. I'm going to throw these at you and your going to try and counterblock it so that it doesn't hit you. And don't worry if something happens I'll be here to heal you." "Ok... Simple enough" you say with a small smile. Nick started throwing the marble discs at you and each one of them you froze. "YAY!" You screamed out. "Greaat job for your first time! You're forsure a natural." Nick said smiling;;
  8. You and Nick went back inside and before you went upstairs to take a nice cold shower before your next training session you thanked Nick. You started walking to your room to prepare your clothes. You grabbed them up, but before going to the bathroom for the shower, you looked out the window and saw Dakota and Matt playing some football with Jared. You started laughing because since Jared was a mindreader he knew Dakota and Matt's every move and always won.(Thanks for the suggestion CoolMe3!) You opened your window and yelled out to the boys,"YOU GUYS SUCK!" Then stuck your tounge out at them. You laughed to yourself and started walking to the bathroom. You passed Taylor's room and you could hear him listening to some Linkin Park(that's for you BBAlover1!) You finally got to the bathroom and stepped in the shower. ;;
  9. After the shower you changed your clothes and when you reached the bottom step, the doorbell rang. "I'LL GET IT!!" You yelled out excited to see Dane. You opened the door and the first thing you saw was Dane's beautiful smile that you love so so much. "Hey ______ can we come in?" Dane said as he flipped his gorgeous golden brown hair out of his eyes. Your lips quivered and you said ,"S-s-s-sure" you moved out of the way and Chris said ,"Are you ok?" You snap out of dreamily watching Dane and say back to Chris,"What? Oh yea." Dane smiled and said,"Sooo...where is everyone else?" With a chill voice you yell out,"DAKOTA,TAYLOR,NICK,MATT,JARED!!! DANE AND chris IS HERE!" The boys walked in and started doing that little hug that boys always do with there hands. Impatiently you say,"So...Dane..I heard we're going to train today?" He looked at you and said,"Oh yea we're going to work on your orbing. It's not too hard, it's pretty fun" then he smiled ;;
  10. "Oh my gulayy." (Vegetables in Tagalog" you thought in your head. Jared then said,"_______ keep your thoughts about you know who your thinking about to yourself." He then smiled and you thought"thank you for not embarassing me" he smiled at you and mouthed "your welcome" Dane glanced at you, took your hand and said,"Let's not waste time for training." Then grinned;
  11. This isn't our best in the world but we've been having some brain farts but we're POSITIVE it'll get more exciting. So sorry it took so long! Anyways PART 9 coming soon!

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