Beautiful Lies Part 12

Announcements: So sorry this part took a little longer to make. I was thinking about the scene with Sarah and I just had a brilliant idea to go with it. Hope you like your mystery guy (;

And I don't know. Maybe I will finish Meet Me Halfway. I might want to start it over though, but with the same guys and kind of the same plot except more revised and better. How does that sound?

Created by: Dannica
  1. Thomas made Christofer wait out in the fancy hallway outside an equally pristine black door. "I don't want to be here," Christofer murmured out. Thomas chuckled, but didn't say anything about it. "Why am I here? I don't remember prisoners being treated this way." Thomas glanced at the door and back at Christofer. "I think 'hostage' would be the most suitable word, boy. And yer 'ere 'cause someone wants to speak to ya'." Christofer heard a buzzing coming from somewhere close and then Thomas took out a Compor from his pocket. An unfamiliar voice spoke out from the mirror saying, "Master is here. Send the boy in." Thomas shook his head and tucked the Compor back in his pocket. He turned his gaze back to Christofer with a sneer. "Master is ready to see you."
  2. Christofer got up nonchalantly and stood behind Thomas while he opened the door. He stepped aside and gestured Christofer to go inside. In the middle of the room was a long table that would seat about twenty people. On the right side of the table on the west wall was a fire place burning brilliant colors of orange, yellow, and red. Hanging up on the walls in gold frames were different kinds of weapons from spears, grenades, to ancient swords. The floor was made up of black and grey marble so shiny that Christofer could see his own reflection in it. The room looked like one you would find in a castle where kings and queens dined in.
  3. "Take a seat," Thomas said, more as an order than a suggestion. Christofer walked towards the head of the table and sat down on a wooden chair with a leather cushion. He heard the door shut behind him and then a new door open. Light footsteps echoed off the walls, filling the room with suspense. "Christofer," a voice hissed. The man came from behind Christofer and walked towards the other end of the table across from him. The man didn't take a seat, but merely danced his finger around the rim of the wine glass. "Oath," Christofer said calmly.
  4. Oath's smile was smug when he scooted his chair back and took a seat. His platinum hair was shining in the light, reflecting off the chandelier. Christofer simply peered at him across the table with a silent glare. "I'm glad I remember how much of a pain in the ass you were," Oath remarked with a faint chuckle. "I'm glad you remember that too." Christofer put on a deadly smirk. "Nice place you got here. The cells could use an upgrade though. Service is slow and you seem to have problems with the electricity." Oath's lip twitched and then he clapped his hands twice. Sooner or later two waiters carried out platters of food and spread them around the table. The smell was overwhelmingly good, but Oath was not to be trusted under any circumstances. The waiters disappeared behind the door and then the fire cackled, which almost made Christofer jump.
  5. "You seem hostile." Oath took a sip from his wine glass with a twisted smile on his face. "You're over exaggerating. I think unwelcomed is the more suitable term," Christofer said icily. "Ah. I've always loved your vast variety of words," Oath started. "And I assume your girlfriend does too." He caught Christofer tense up. "Oh, is she not your girlfriend anymore? My apologies. Michael has enlightened me about the other boy she's been spending her time with. I don't recall his name, but it shows no value to me." Christofer calmed and forced himself to show no mercy. "She's not my girlfriend. We're friends now, in her own words. Speaking of friends, I see you have Zac. Are you that desperate to be seeking help from a mortal?"
  6. Oath cut himself a piece of prime rib and placed it on his plate along with a side of green beans and a fresh baked roll. "I am not seeking help from anybody as I am a leader and I lead. I do not need help, nor do I need assistance in my leadership. As for the mortal. Why, he isn't mortal anymore. Or not yet, should I say."
  7. Sarah looked over her shoulder, into the vampire boy's eyes. They were a beautiful shade of subtle gray. She smiled. "You don't drink human blood. You only drink animal." The boy lessened his grip. "I knew you were a seer. Now, are you going to help me or not?" Sarah unhinged herself from his grip and turned to face him. He was gorgeous, like all vampires are. He was a few inches taller than her with light brown hair falling slightly over his forehead. "Why should I help you?" He smiled. "Because I know where the thing you're looking for is." She kept her eyes locked on his. "What exactly am I looking for?" The boy reeled himself in and kissed Sarah on the neck. "A Compor," he whispered into her ear. His voice made her lip quiver. "I think we should get to know each other more instead of going right to kissing, don't you think? I'm Sarah." The vampire put on a deadly smirk, took her hand, and kissed it. "I'm Cole. Pleasure to meet you."
  8. I woke up to Gritzo and Ash yelling over April's wild illusions. Then I slapped my forehead. How was Gritzo going to accompany us when he already said he'd stay and tend April? I sat up and glanced at Alex, his slow breaths making me smile. The commotion outside stopped after a horrid bark from Gumbo. I hung my legs over the edge of the bed to see what was happening until my feet were hit with an unwelcoming icy cold blast of air. I dug my legs back into the blanket with a heavy sigh, letting the warmness spread. I lay back down, my face looking at Alex's. He stirred in bed and slowly opened his eyes. I smiled. "Hi." He raked his hand through his tousled up hair and then the corners of his lips pointed upwards. "Hi."
  9. I chewed on my lip, looking for the right words to say. "Thanks for staying with me last night." Alex played with my fingers and said, "Thanks for letting me. So how does it feel?" I cocked my head to the side. "How does what feel?" Alex grinned. "To wake up to the sexiest person in the world." I laughed and stole my hand away from him. "I don't know, you tell me." Aw yeah. "Impressive," Alex commented with a laugh. I was going to say something when I noticed it was awfully quiet outside of the bedroom door. I was about to get up from the bed when there was a soft knock on the door.
  10. "I'll get it," Alex said. He got up groggily and waddled his way to the door knob. He opened it and in the doorway stood Gumbo. "We have a tragedy," he whimpered. "April seemed to not have made it."

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