Who will you love? part 24

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Right O' This is part dos of the Christmas quiz, rather late I know. Forgive me?

Well then.. Have fun ;D

Created by: Alethea
  1. Gavin whispers "Baby it's fact, my love is true, it's a matter of fact. Oh, and you love me too, simple as that! ;)"
  2. He smirks then turns and starts walking again. You follow him to the back room, He opens the door and calls out "Puppy? Here boy.." The puppy runs full force and pretty much tackles him. "Argh!" he says standing up with the puppy in his arms "C'mon let's give him to Seth"
  3. You walk back to the living room. Gavin hands you the puppy and says "Go for it!" You burst into the room and yell "Merry Christmas Seth!!" The puppy instantly recognises it's new owner (animals just love Seth). Seth's smile looks radient as he says "Seriously _____ you're awesome!"
  4. "I'm gonna call him Olly!" Seth says beaming. The guys all give you their presents, your favourite was..
  5. You spend the rest of the day being Christmassy then when evening comes it's time to dress up as each other! You put on your wig and frilly dress but the pink contacts are really hard to get in so you decide to go ask harley for help. When you walk in Harley's room you her she's in the bathroom, you're about to leave when you see a wig (identical to the one you're wearing) on the bed..
  6. "Hey, Conner is that you?" Harley calls out from the bathroom. "N-no. It's me." You reply. "Ah.. _____ I'm a litle busy right now.. Can you come back later?". "I'll only take a second! Just help me put this contact in." You insist "Can I come in?" You ask suspiciously "No! You can't come in here! Go!" Harley shouts
  7. Being rather confuzzled and very curious you reach out to turn the door handle - it's boiling hot and you tear back your hand quickly. "Harley, Are you sure you're alright?" you ask again. "PLEASE JUST GO!" Harley yells from the bathroom. The curiousity is killing you but you decide to listen and leave. You eventually get the contact in and go downstairs ready for Christmas Dinner..
  8. Everyone sits down at the table in character, you can't help wondering who is dressed up as you.. But then Gavin walks in..
  9. Gavin walks in doing a rather *ahem* seductive dance.. He then poses and says in the campest possible way "So huns, how do I look??" It seems he invaded your wardrobe whilst you weren't there because he's wearing (and stretching) your pink skirt and white vest, he's also wearing a long wig. "Makeup ain't really my thing.. I like it all natural ;)" he says strutting again..
  10. Gavin bursts out laughing at the look on your face as he sits down "You like that?" He says winking. "Well.. I think it's pretty clear who Gavin is.." Conner says rolling his eyes, "Blake you wanna go next?" He asks. Blake stands up holding Olly in his arms he then begins chanting "Heeeal! HEAL!"..
  11. Now it's Conner. He's wearing a pair of massive fake glasses and a lab coat he's also drawn freckles on his face. "Ahh! Gavin stop those fantasies! Whoa guys your thoughts are too loud!!"
  12. Now it's Seth's turn. He takes his shirt off and looks at Gavin "Hey baby, you're lookin' pretty fine today ;) Hey I just got a call from heaven, they say they're missing an angel-"
  13. Harley interrupts him by saying "And that angel would be ME, well I am a fallen angel.." Harley has brushed her hair over one side of her face I puts on a miserable face and starts singing "Haaaarleyyy stop beeing so laaaazyy! Dooo the freeaaaking dishess! Don't taaalk to strangerrs!" Etc etc..
  14. It's your go, so you decide to reinact where you first met Harley. So you run into Conner, tackling him with a hug "Conner! I missed you!!" He seems somewhat embarrased, his cheeks going red.
  15. And then, there's a knock on the door :o
  16. Blake puts down Olly and goes to answer the door, you're still messing around with Conner in a fit of giggles. Blake comes back in and says "Erm guys.. I have someone for you to meet, he'll be staying here for awhile.."
  17. When the guy enters the room your jaw drops. Seth, Conner and Harley look confused. Gavin sits back and smirks "Well.. This oughta be fun.."
  18. Yo, that's it for this time. Sorry I take so freaking long.. Hehe.. But anyways, who floats your boat/who do you love?

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Quiz topic: Who will I love? part 24