Oblivion killing granny (random funny quiz) part 2

go ahead take oblivion killing granny part 1 and 2! they are funny sometimes and the answers may surprise you!

i dont care, i was bored and i was in the mood to laugh.

Created by: matthew

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  1. did you take part 1 killing granny? if you didn't please go back and take it!
  2. granny overdosed on her pills again. what do you do?
  3. she is at a friends house.
  4. she is in prison what do you do?
  5. granny's spell reflected on her and she is paralyzed for 120 seconds!
  6. she is the grand champion of the arena, what do you do ( she is fighting)
  7. who do you choose as an Alli? to kill granny, duh
  8. granny wanna fight! what do you choose?
  9. she is punching you for no reason?
  10. granny runs to the top of the cliff.
  11. would you prefer a grandpa version?
  12. would you like a shivering isles version?

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