Oblivion! (Tes4).

As I'm sure we all know, Oblivion is the greatest game known to all mankind (well, I'm fairly sure the new AvP game is going to overshadow it slightly but we'll see, eh?) but do you know you Oblivion?

Are you a veteran worthy of your very own mountable Minoton? (Upper regions of a minotaur, lower regions of a skelebob) Or do you deserve a watermelon crammed violently into your rectum? You decide... Oh wait, I'll decide... Oh whatever, just take the damn quiz.

Created by: JJ
  1. What is the governing attribute of the block skill?
  2. How many PREDEFINED classes are there?
  3. How many colleges of magic are there?
  4. Who is cooler, Baurus or Glarthir?
  5. Who composed the intro music (reign of the septims) for oblivion?
  6. Does fast-travel suck?
  7. Who (or what) is Umbra?
  8. Skooma?
  9. Where is the Amulet of Kings hidden when you rescue Martin?
  10. Final Question: The High elves homaland is situated where, and what name are they known by when residing there?

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