What skyrim character are you?

The Elder Scrolls series has been very successful game series. Against the odds, they sold Oblivion in a time when swords and magic were "uncool". They sold Skyrim, a game in my opinion is the "most addicting game I've ever played." But that's my opinion, you can decide that for yourself.

It started humbly with Arena, a game that ran off Ms-DOS, it begins with character creation when you decide your race and name. Then you take a quiz of ten questions to determine class, these are randomly picked from the ones you will be asked. They will decide whether you are a warrior, thief, or mage. So which are you?

Created by: bryan
  1. You see a kid running from market place with a piece of bread but the baker is chasing him. You think to yourself the kid must be hungry. Then you soon realize the the city is suffering a lack of food, and food is very high in price right now. What do you do?
  2. Your dad tells you to go clean out the stables as one of your chores. As you're walking to the stables your friend pops out of no where. He asks if he can clean it for you, but you need to do a favor for him the future. What do you say?
  3. You're walking around in the forest and you see a old man sleeping next to a tree. He has a bag of money with him. What will you do?
  4. One summer afternoon your father, Talin, gives you a choice of chores. Would you rather:
  5. Your father tells you one night the story of his battle at Borim Valley, where his men had routed the enemy. They would have captured them all if not for the brave sacrifice of a young Sergeant on the opposing side, who held a pass long enough for his men to retreat to safety. He had done so knowing that it would cost him his life. If you had been that man would you have:
  6. While in town the baker gives you a sweetroll. Delighted you take it into an alley to enjoy, only to be intercepted by a gang of three other kids your age. The leader demands the sweetroll, or else he and his friends will beat you and take it. Do you:
  7. You and your best friend buy your first daggers together, a matched pair. You loan him the amount since he doesn't have enough gold, and he agrees to pay you back later. After leaving the shop you and he sit down to marvel at your new weapons. To your dismay you notice that there is a small notch on the blade of the dagger you selected. Your friend asks you to please watch his weapon for him while he runs an errand. Do you:
  8. While throwing a ball to you, your friend breaks a window on his house. His father rushes out and demands to know who broke the window. You know that your friend's father is a strict disciplinarian and will punish your friend severely if he takes the blame. You on the other hand, not being his son, could get away virtually unscathed. Do you:
  9. Armsmaster Festil, during a lesson on strategy remarks, 'The best victory is to completely and totally humiliate your opponent'. He then turns to you and asks you if you agree with him. You know the Armsmaster has been in numerous life and death conflicts and has the experience of a seasoned warrior. Do you:
  10. You are told that a young man has been caught by the village guards and accused of murder. Apparently, his brother was killed by a group of four ruffians in a local tavern, and in his grief, the young man tracked each of them down and murdered them. Upon reflection, you believe that:
  11. One night, walking home, you are attacked by a young man you know from Armsmaster Festil's class. You defend yourself ably and knock him unconscious. While he is out, you:

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