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In skyrim, you have three paths to choose from. The warrior which focuses on using weapons and armour to smite all in your way. The thief which focuses on breaking the law without being caught or going to jail and unseen crime and movement. And the Mage which focuses on using magic to destroy, manipulate and alter anything possible.

What do you know about the Mage path? Do you know much about the Mages college and the skills of magic? Take this quiz to find out how much you know. WARNING! CONTAINS SPOILERS!

Created by: Onesiepenguin

  1. Which of these is not a Mage skill?
  2. Where can aspiring mages go to learn about magic?
  3. What does Faralda teach?
  4. What does Drevis Neloren teach?
  5. What does Tolfdir teach?
  6. What does Phinis Gestor teach?
  7. What does Colette Marence teach?
  8. Which three people die in the mages college quest line?
  9. Which teacher of magic is paranoid about their work?
  10. What are the 4 master conjuration spells?
  11. Which is not a master restoration spell?
  12. What is the symbol for Illusion?
  13. What is the symbol for restoration?
  14. Which of these is a master destruction spell?
  15. What is not a master illusion spell?
  16. What are the 2 master alteration spells?
  17. Who teaches enchanting?
  18. Who has a problem with Faralda
  19. Who manages the Arcaneum in the Mages college?
  20. What is the final quest in the Mages college questline?

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