Skyrim Role Quiz

In Skyrim there are 3 basic roles. Mage, Warrior and Thief. You probably normally play as a mix but everyone has a role that suits them best as it dictates their strategies and ways of doing things.

Which one of the three do you suit the best? This quiz will tell you but you must answer honestly. Some things are totally Skyrim elated but others are about you. First two questions don't count. Enjoy!

Created by: Ninja Addy
  1. You arrive in Skyrim and you have heard about the province from your homeland. The glory of the Companions, the mystery of the Mage's College, the sneakiness of the Thieves Guild. Where do you head first?
  2. On the way to your location you see a sick beggar, what do you do?
  3. You think back to your family and friends at home, how they praised your ---- (insert traits)
  4. You get to your destination to find it being attacked by a dragon! Some children are injured and on the floor by the dragon, how do you help?
  5. The children are safe but the dragon is still attacking, it sends a gout of flame at you, how do you protect yourself?
  6. You must kill the dragon, but how? You...
  7. The dragon is dead and the villagers reward you with...
  8. You decide to sell your old armour in a shop, you head to the...
  9. You finally arrive at your destination and are sent to a nearby Nordic ruin. To get past the draugr you do what?
  10. You arrive at the heart of the ruin and you are amazed by its treasures, a magical staff of unknown power, a battleaxe that radiates power and a set of armour that blends in with your surroundings. The ruin starts crumbling and you realise that you have to get out. You run past the treasures and decide to take one, which one do you take?
  11. You escape and head towards a nearby town. It has many crafting facilities but you intend to make full use of the...
  12. You spend the night in an in and dream of the fabled Daedric artefacts. Suddenly Akatosh, divine of time, says that for delving into the ruins of divinity (the ruins you were exploring) and gaining one of its treasures you can have three artefacts, which do you chose?
  13. You return to the College/Jorravaskr/the Guild to find that the previous Archmage/Harbinger/Guildmaster has been killed! Your colleagues want you to take their place as ---
  14. What do you want to be?

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