Who is really behind the role player

Hello Role Players. I have created this quiz for a friend. There might be a book down the road involving the mind of the role player. Please answer as honestly as you can.

No information will be released to ANYONE. This is my first attempt at this type of quiz. There should not be any points, all answers are correct.

Created by: Fran
  1. Are you a writer?
  2. Do you interact with your RL account?
  3. Do you feel closer to your RP friends than your real life friends?
  4. Have you ever been deleted by FB?
  5. Have you ever been asked for cyber $ ex? (that word is apparently a no no)
  6. Does your RP life interfere with your RL?
  7. Have you had a stalker?
  8. Have you ever shouted out your RP mate's name at an intimate time instead of your RL partner's name?
  9. Have you fallen in like/lust/love with a RP partner?
  10. Drama
  11. Do you find your mood in RL is affected by what happens during RP?
  12. Why are you a RPer?
  13. Have you made real relationships through your RP connections?
  14. Has your RP life ever made you...
  15. Do you check your FB account before your coffee/potty break in the morning?
  16. Do your RL family/friends know about your RP life?
  17. How much time daily do you give to RP?
  18. Are you or have you been an administrator of an RP group?
  19. Have you done research for your RP role?
  20. My RP charries have taken over their driver's life

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