What NBA Player are You???

The NBA is full of different types of players. Scorers, defenders, rebounders, shot blockers. Players have different roles, different duties, different titles.

What type of NBA player are you? Can you drop 30 at will? Do you lock up the best in the business with defensive mastery? Do you crash the boards like no other? Or do you swat away everything that comes your way? Which NBA player are you?

Created by: Jaylen

  1. You are on offense. What are you doing?
  2. You're coming off a pick. What do you do?
  3. You see your man call iso. How do you react?
  4. It's SHOWTIME. Fastbreak opportunity, what is your role?
  5. Your team's getting its ass beat. What's your main concern?
  6. It's early in the game. How do you get yourself hyped?
  7. If you were a starter on team, what would your preferred role be?
  8. You're being benched. Why?
  9. Which statline mostly fits you?
  10. Would you prefer a fast or slow tempo?
  11. Which highlight play could you imagine yourself doing?
  12. Which honor could you see yourself receiving?
  13. You face a minor confrontation with an opponent. How do you respond?
  14. Which of these former Spurs' playing style resembles you most?
  15. About 10 seconds left in the game, your team has possession, down by 2. What ya gonna do???

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Quiz topic: What NBA Player am I???