Which NBA Player Are You

NBA players do their best everyday when they compete in a match.Some are good some not.Some teams depend on certain key players and some depend on every player.

Have you ever wondered which NBA player are you.Well now you can find out with this little quiz.Answer the 12 and see who you really resemble in the NBA.

Created by: Viktor
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  1. What attributes do you think is most important for basketball?
  2. Which team of the following do you think is the best(but not because you like it the most)?
  3. Which of the following team is you favourite?
  4. Your team is losing and there are only 10 seconds till the end of the match.One of your teammates is next to te basket and you can pass to him but you can also try to score the 3 pointer.What do you do in this situation?
  5. Chose a color.
  6. Chose one of the following.
  7. Do you think that you have to make a lot of risks in basketball.
  8. What do you think is most important in a Baskteball Team.
  9. Which is more important in basketball Offense or Defense?
  10. Do you care for your teammates?

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