What Is Your Job In Skyrim??

Everybody: You have got to wonder what you would actually do in this trendy role playing game! This quiz will help you so much that you will literally kiss MY butt! Look at #10, I am not weird. See you on the other end! That sounds like a butt joke, sorry. Um, bye.

Nope. I lied. I am writing some more stuff about Skyrim. If you have won the main quest line, you have to get bored at some point. At that point, you are the weird person who is talking at their Nintendo Switch at 2 A.M. (Trust me, I’ve been there.) I really hope this helps to get you through those tough Skyrim-you’re-main-questline-is-too-short-and-I’m-lonely blues. Don’t forget to take it twice and see what you get!

Created by: Dri

  1. Which home do you prefer?
  2. Favorite Crime?
  3. Who Is Your Favorite NPC?
  4. Stormcloaks or Imperials?
  5. Who Is Your Favorite Actor!?
  6. Most importantly-What is your favorite cheese???
  7. Favorite 80’s song:
  8. Wassap??
  9. Best TV show listed:
  10. Last one-Would You Rather: Literally KISS Someone’s Butt or Go To A Funeral And Say To Someone, “You’re Next.”?

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Quiz topic: What Is my Job In Skyrim??