Shadowlands (part 1)

Welcome to my brandnew series. You will play a female elf. So BEWARE! Let's see what will happen. In this part you will discover your greatest talent as an elf. Look below for the further story about this Role Playing Game.

Within the forests; surrounded by mountains, there stands a town where the elves life. Near it, is a huge palace, where many learn and live. Every twelve years, there are special events between the elves, and the other races. They come to the palace, and they observe the skills. This keeps the balance of peace between lands. It is only a few days away from now. You are at the palace; during free time at noon.

Created by: Skydragon

  1. You are pacing through the gardens. You heard word that there might be some visitors coming to your land and town. They will be shown what you and your comrades are capable of. You will...
  2. You sit by a tree, and try to remember the last time when the visitors came from far. You were very little, and were walking with your parents through the crowds. You had been mostly watching;
  3. You hear someone calling your name, and you snap out of your daydreams. You look up and see a wolf of ordinary size, but with the looks of a young one running your way. His fur is icy blue, and his eyes clear sky blue.
  4. His name is Icefire, or in the elvin language; Cavateh. He stops by you, and smiles. "Lady ______, Yantena wishes to speak with you about the htings to come. She seemed in a good mood though." he tells you. You stand up, and follow him while he skids along.
  5. You go into the streets of the twon, while the sun bathes your face in warm light. Icefire paces happily before you. He's looking ahead, at where three elves are standing and speaking. One of them jumps out from the rest. Her hair is long and clear blue like Icefire's eyes. Hers are dark blue, and her skin is fair. She is rather mysterious yet calm looking and comforting. Icefire goes towards them, and stops by the mysterious elf. She smiles at you. You stop a yard away from her.
  6. "I'm glad you came, although we are all in a hurry to do all that has to be." says the elf. You only smile a little awkwardly. She takes a step closer. "I have something that I must tell you." she adds in a more serious tone. She grabs your arm, and walks you down the street; away from the other elves, and stops out of hearing range. She looks at you seriously.
  7. She looks at you and blinks. "Listen, you know of the visitors right?" she asks. You nod, and add for respect, "Yes, Yantena-san." she nods. "Well, I must tell you that this isn't what it looks like. They have been moving towards their borders for some time now. We have been ordered to let them in as friends when is planned every twelve years, so they can see our skills, and so we can keep the balance of peace. But also, we have to keep an eye out. The higher ups think that they are up to something bad. I need you, to exclude yourself from the events to come." she tells you.
  8. You look at her questioningly. She sees your clear gaze on her. "There is a reason. That skill of yours, it is very useful if we DO break out into war with them. If you get injured while they strike, there is less chance that we will win. That's why you'll just reside at the feast within the palace. You may watch as it goes by. If nothing happens, then you haven't had a feast, but neither a war. Understood?" Yantena tells you.
  9. Without further speech, Yantena turns and leaves. Her blue hair shining in the sun as she paces. Icefire is seated by the other two elves. What will you do now in the mean time?
  10. You burn some time, and eventually, the dark sets in. The sky is red, and a comrad of yours asks if you will go out to feed the unicorns. You accept, and set out towards the unciron pasture. The red rays fall upon your skin, and the warm feelings of twilight enter you. You hear the unicorns whinnying in the distance. You pace their way, and look at the fair horses. They nicker when they see you. You...
  11. When done, you sit down on the fence, and watch the unicorns eat. One of them, a fire colored mare with a golden horn looks at you. She slowly paces your way.
  12. You try to remember the mare's name, and find that it is Enchantment. She looks at you and comes your way. "Hello girl." you say, and pet her neck. You stand by the mare for some time. The feeling that comes over you while you stand there makes you feel very odd. You try to figure what it is while you stand and gently stroke the mare's neck. Soon enough though, you see the first stars and the moon. You decide to go sleep. You leave the unicorns, and go to your room in the palace. It looks;
  13. You get to sleep and dream... And that's the end of part 1! I hope you enjoyed. I did somewhat, and I promise more fun next time!

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