The end (part four)

The next part in 'The End' seris. Im sorry this one took so long! I hope you enjoy this quiz and comment. The end part five will be up by next week. Bye!

The attack begins. You fight well until you run after a bhug. Deep in the forest the bhug knows about Kyle. This is an important part of Kyles history. Who will you end up with?

Created by: Louise
  1. Jake reaches the bhugs first. His dagger slices through their necks as smoothly as it would butter. One of the bhugs notice but is swiftly taken care of by Kyle. You stab the bhug in front of you then spin around to slice at one behind you. You feel a trail of blood run down your arm but you don't feel any pain. The bhug who cut at you did as Jo swiftly stabbed him between the ribs. You spot a bhug running towards the trees Jake had sprinted from and you realise that he was going to get away. Jo was wrestling with a blond bhug, trying to get the silver dagger away from his throat and Jake was being swarmed by bhugs each armed with a dagger. Kyle was the only one who was managing his fight but he was too busy to see the retreating figure running towards the forest. What do you do?
  2. There was a huge blast as Jake, armed with a shot gun he'd found, blasted the swarming bhugs. The dead bodies flew everywhere. As the bhug attacking Jo looked for his comrades Jo plunged the dagger into his side then doubles up by kicking his opponent into the dirt. The brothers then go to help Kyle finish his fight as you chase after the running figure.
  3. As you run you hear a slight chuckle in front of you. You don't have long to dwell on it before your swept off your feet and are thrown into a tree. You cry in pain as you see somebody approaching.
  4. A smiling youth of about 13 emerged from the trees. He wore a plain white t-shirt that clearly displayed the thin long scar along his pale arm. Your eyes widen. This must have been one of the Kdal that your group just killed. You see his eyes, harsh and cold, search for your weapon. You follow his gaze to see your knife, discarded and covered in blood, lying on the forest floor. You feel for your gun but you can't find it. The youth sees you looking and sneers "Looking for this?"He pulls out your gun. Your hearts tempo increases dramatically. Slowly, and with exaggerated patience he brings the gun up, level with your chest.
  5. "You know I am disappointed that it wasn't Kyle who ran after me but you can't have everything" He shrugged. Your heart jumps unevenly. He knew Kyle. "How do you know him?"You demand. The Bhug looks at you oddly. "He never told you?" He was surprised. "Mind you, shooting another human especially with numbers so low." he trailed off.
  6. You can't believe what you are hearing. "Kyle wouldn't do that," you yell at him. "Why Not?" the Bhug asked. You glare at him. "Because Kyle isn't a murderer!"You reply. "What makes you so sure?" The Bhug asked bitterly "he kills my kind without thought." You growl at him "All your kind wants to do is kill us, the humans." The bhugs face turned hard "Enough chit-chat" he said as he pulled the trigger.
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