Oblivion killing GRANDPA (random funny quiz)

i only made these funny quizzes for fun and because i was bored. i really had no good reason for these quizzes. oblivion is a video game if you are wondering. also rate and comment, and if you liked this quiz take oblivion killing granny,and oblivion killing granny part 2

Created by: matthew
  1. he is walking to the market, what do you do?
  2. he is walking down the stairs.
  3. he is going through an alyied ruin.
  4. he is hiding from a daedroth.
  5. he is running to the pit of death
  6. grandpa version is better
  7. which weapon do you prefer?
  8. he is in prison!
  9. do you like this version better?
  10. he is singing telephone.
  11. he is swimming.
  12. grandpa overdosed on his pills again:(
  13. he is camping.

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