Oblivion killing granny (random funny quiz)

try to kill granny, no reason for this quiz i was bored if you were asking! :)

did you kill granny?, if you did honestly i don't care but...anyway.please enjoy this random funny quiz! there is really no point in this quiz, i was bored.

Created by: matthew

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  1. granny is sitting on a bench at the market district. how do you decide to kill her?
  2. granny is running to the mountains. you follow her, she takes a break and sits down.
  3. shes running to the lake! what do you do?
  4. granny is running in the abandon house in anvil!
  5. she is walking to chorrol. no one is watching.
  6. shes at your house eating.
  7. she is beating up an old merchant that is your friend.
  8. she is hiding from a bear.
  9. she is in prison what do you do.
  10. you choose a weapon
  11. you have an army of what? to kill granny with of course!

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