Pick Your Poison - Part 2

Hey y'all, this is part two of my quiz series! Not sure how good it will be, or if you'll like it, but I'm trying my best to make a good series!! :D Thanks. ^-^

Oh, and, please don't forget to comment your ideas and suggestions, and rate, because both of these help me make parts faster because I think someone actually enjoys my writing. xD

Created by: PokeFan

  1. RE-RUN: So, last time, Ryan helped you downstairs to breakfast, you FINALLY met Johnny ( xP ), and while you were eating breakfast, some demon cat things bashed in the front door, attacked Ryan, and there is some monster stuffz upstairs. All goods.
  2. You turn around and... have the 3rd demon jump right at you!! But, being a super cool ninja, you jab it in the eye with a fork. >:D
  3. While you finish off the possessed kitteh, you see Blake helping Ryan to his feet; the 2 demons that attacked him were gone. Johnny was fighting a 4th demon, and Garrett fighting the last. You stare at your hands, surprised you could actually fight. While you're lost in lala land, Johnny yells, "_________, watch out, behind you!!!" You turn around in time to see 2 human-shape things run down the stairs at you. They are red, with curly horns on top of their heads. They look like an ogre crossed with the devil. Before you can react, a furry shape blurs past you, and lands on the demons. You hear high-pitched screeching, and then silence.
  4. You scream (late reaction) and Blake runs over, pushing you down into a chair as your legs give out. You put a hand on your forehead and look at the furry shape, which you can now tell, is Johnny. "What... what..." you stutter. "...Johnny's a werewolf, _______." Blake says, his voice calm. "How can you be so calm?!" you screech, "We just got attacked by.. by... those!!" you yell as you point to the dead demons. Garrett walks over and lays a hand on your shoulder, and you automatically feel yourself calming down. "Easy," he says. "Let me explain. The things that attacked us were called demons. They come in different shapes and forms, but are primarily the same."
  5. Garrett continues, "Demons are corrupted souls, controlled by the demon-lord, Zephyr. Zephyr is the one after you, because he wants your powers. Healing is a rare power, and he wants it." "Okay..." you say, nodding, "But why is Johnny a dog..?" you look at the werewolf staring at you with Johnny's brown eyes. "Well," Garrett answers, "he's a werewolf. I'm an elf," he gestures towards Blake, "Blake's a vampire, and Ryan's an angel." Ryan nods, and then looks back down at the bite wounds on his leg.
  6. You watch Ryan dab the wound with a wet rag, and then you say, "I can heal, right? Why don't I just heal that?" Ryan looks at Garrett, and then nods. "You could... I guess," he says. You stand up and walk over to Ryan, who is sitting on the kitchen counter. "So... what am I supposed to do?" you ask. Garrett, being the smart one, says "I dunno." You look at Blake, who also shrugs. You sigh and mutter "Guys... never know anything." You decide that if you got the power, it should react to the injury, so you place your hands over the bite mark, and slowly, a faint glow comes out of your hands. First green, then blue, then purple. It changes colors and then, the blood disappears, and the skin rejoins, making a seamless repair.
  7. You nod in approval and smile to yourself. Ryan grins, and says, "Thanks, ______ that feels a lot better." Johnny shifts back into his human form and looks over at you sheepishly through his brown hair. "Good job, _________," he says quietly. You can't help but feel proud of yourself. Garrett talks again, "So, __________, now that that's over..." he pauses and looks at the bodies, which are slowly fading and eventually disappear. You think to yourself "˜okay that was creepy.' Garrett continues, "So, you can use your first power, healing. Care to find more?"
  8. Nevertheless if you said no, Ryan gets up from the counter and walks over to you. "We'll be testing your powers, come out in the back yard with me, I'll try first," he says, leading you out to the yard.
  9. You follow Ryan out to the back yard, and the first thing you see is a HUGE pool. Ryan follows your gaze and, a little sheepishly, smiles. "Yup, we gotta pool, and we could see if you have water powers later, after you get a bathing suit," he says. "But for now," he continues, "let's try some of the basics. Invisibility... magic... teleporting... the like."
  10. "Okay, that's good!" Ryan exclaimed. You kept focusing your thoughts on the patch of grass, and you could feel yourself fading in and out of existence. You close your eyes and give another burst of thought and energy into your efforts. "Yeah!!" you hear Ryan whoop. You open your eyes and see that you did it! You teleported! "Great job, ________," a voice says behind you. "Oh my gosh!!!" you exclaim, turning around to see Blake, standing right behind, which is now in front, of you. "Sorry to scare you," Blake murmurs in a soft voice. "I was just needed to tell you..."
  11. I really need suggestions and stuff guys, I have a little thing half-way planned out, but I'm not sure if its good or not, so it helps if you tell me what you want to see. ^-^ But anyway... that's the end of this part. ~~~~CLIFFHANGER!!!~~~~ Not very cliffhanger-y but whatevz. :D

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