Pick Your Poison - Part 3

Okay so. This is part 3 to my quiz series, Pick Your Poison. I'm sorry it took me so long to get it out, life got real busy. I'll try to do better from now on. =]

Blake: black hair, startling blue eyes. Medium height. Ryan: blonde hair, deep brown eyes. Taller than average. Johnny: brown hair, green eyes. Medium height. Garrett: red hair, brown eyes. Shorter than average.

Created by: PokeFan
  1. ***RE-CAP*** So, you were training with Ryan and he taught you how to teleport, and Blake came up and suprised you saying he needed to say something.
  2. You close your eyes and give another burst of thought and energy into your efforts. "Yeah!!" you hear Ryan whoop. You open your eyes and see that you did it! You teleported! "Great job, ________," a voice says behind you. "Oh my gosh!!!" you exclaim, turning around to see Blake, standing right behind, which is now in front, of you. "Sorry to scare you," Blake murmurs in a soft voice. "I was just needing to tell you..."
  3. Blake continues, "I was just needing to tell you... that it's time for dinner."
  4. You smiled, "Okay, I'll be in in a second." You blush as Ryan winks at you while he and Blake walk inside to eat. You walk over to the pool and sit beside it, dangling your feet in the water. You think about what has happened to you, who you are with, and what in the heck is going on.
  5. You hear Johnny calling your name from the kitchen window. "Hey, _______," he says, "dinner is ready!" "Okay," you yell back, and stand up. You start to walk across the lawn and into the house.
  6. You walk inside and smell so many flavors it makes your mouth water. You walk into the dining room and see that all the guys have already sat down and started eating. You go into the kitchen and grab a plate, serving yourself. What do you eat?
  7. After dinner, everyone helps clean up the table and dishes. You talk about Zephyr and plans on what to do. "Well I think that we should confront him head on and rip his ugly face off," Blake said, grinning fangfully. Garrett rolls his eyes. "That'd be just plain stupid, we could all be hurt or killed. Plus _______ would probably be captured," he says. "Yeah," Ryan agreed, "we can't let them hurt her. He winked at you again. Blake looked at Johnny. "What do you think, Johnny-Boy?" Johnny sighed, "I think that we should all go to bed and talk about this tomorrow." You yawn, and the guys nod. "There are 7 rooms upstairs, ________, we've obviously taken 4 of them, but you can have any of the other three," Johnny said, smiling. You go upstairs. What room do you choose?
  8. You pick whichever room you pick and you get the guys to help bring your stuff up to your new room. ( And yes, they magically got all your stuff from your house even though they picked you off the middle of the road. Thanks for asking. :] ) You tell all of them good night and thanks for the help. Garrett smiles and gives you a hug before going to bed. Johnny just grins sheepishly and mumbles 'good night'. Blake pulls you close and gives you a kiss on the cheek. Ryan picks you up and spins you in the air before putting you down and giving you a good night hug.
  9. When all the guys go into their own rooms, it's about midnight. You lay down for a few minutes, but decide sleep shall not be your friend. You get up and decide to go search around the house. ( Okay, so I took a suggestion on this, so thanks for the suggestion, and I hope I wrote it how you wanted. xP ) You walk past all seven bedrooms and come to a tall spiral staircase that leads to another floor. You go up.
  10. You reach the top of the stairs and look around, at the end of the hall is a door. Will you go in it? (Yes, you will.) You walk down the hallway and open the door. It creaks open and a few cobwebs float down from the frame. You brush them away and walk inside. You are apparently in a bedroom, one that hasn't been used in a long time. You walk over to the night stand by a bed and see a picture of a girl, about 18 or so. She's very pretty and looks happy. You are just starting to wonder who it is when you.. HEAR A CREEPY NOISE BEHIND YOU!?!?!?!?! xD
  11. Heh. Guess what. ~~~~~CLIFFHANGER!!!~~~~~~ Trolled. So, I hope you enjoyed how I started your suggestion, angelic4. If you'd like me to add, please comment it before I do part 4. Comment/rate everyone. :P

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Quiz topic: Pick my Poison - Part 3