YOUR Hogwarts life! (: Part Two!

Here you go, guys! Ask me if you want longer quizzes, I'll be more then happy to add more questions if you'd like! I have kind of a major cliffhanger in this one. (:

So where we left off: You just got on the train for Hogwarts, and you're going to see the real side of everyone in this installment of YOUR Hogwarts life! (: Part two!

Created by: AnaisVogueLover
  1. Looking back towards the rude boy, you pulled a sad smile and walked back toward you and Alexander's compartment. You noticed the rude boy standing at the door and arguing with Alexander! You run inside the compartment to see what was going on. "What's going on here?" You turn to see Rude Boy with a scowl on his face, and Alexander with his back turned. "That piece of filth is trying to tell me that Ravenclaw is for losers. What are you to say, you stupid Slytherin boy?" Alexander spat angrily and pointed at Rude Boy. "It's EVAN, and it's not my fault Ravenclaw was founded by some mindless woman. It's almost as pathetic as Hufflepuff!" Evan shouted at a louder tone, right when Oliver happened to walk by. "WHAT did you say about Hufflepuff?" He said with a raised eyebrow toward Evan, not yet noticing you.
  2. Evan whipped around to look at Oliver, and noticed you watching in the corner of the compartment. He looked at you for a moment and his expression softened. You blushed and tried to hide your face. "A-anyway," he continued, "yeah. Hufflepuffs are humiliating! Helga Hufflepuff was as big as a human watermelon! Do you really expect her to found a good House?" He said angrily, quickly glancing at you every few seconds. Was he trying to impress you? "Shut up, you filthy Slytherin! Are you going to become a Death Eater too?" He shouted with disgust in his voice, before speaking again. "And what do you keep looking a-" He started, but shut his mouth as soon as he noticed you standing there. "Hi." You said in a cute voice while giving Oliver a small wave. His face turned that familiar bright shade of red, and he quickly fled the compartment. Alexander and Evan broke into laughter.
  3. You puted as they laughed at Oliver. "Come on, guys..." You said half-heartedly, trying to stand up for Oliver. Evan's eyes flicked towards you as soon as you spoke. "Oh, you're....her." He said with a bit of a happy tone in his voice. "Yeah, I'm _____." You replied and started to blush. Alexander looked a little jealous and you turned to the both of them. "Do you guys know Nathan? He's a Gryffindor." Alexander's happy expression turned to an annoyed one as soon as Nathan's name was mentioned. "Yeah, I know him." He mumbled more to himself then you and Evan.
  4. "What happened between the two of you?" You asked with major concern, since Nathan seemed really nice and easy to get along with. "It's a long story." He said with a sigh, and motioned for you and Evan to sit down. "Well, it all started in our first year when-" "Hey, babes!" You heard a familiar voice call, cutting off Alexander's story. It was Nathan! You gave him a small wave as he let himself in. "Alexander, Evan." He nodded to them like they were all old friends. "Nathan...whatever happened between you and Alexander?" You asked, wanting to get to the bottom of the story and hear both sides. Nathan looked at you quizzically, and turned to look at Alexander. "Oh! That... well, you see, I played a small prank when I was in my second year, and... Alexander here was sort of the victim." He admitted with an embarassed expression on his face. "Sorry, mate. I really am. I thought it was forgotten about, honest." He honestly apologized to Alexander. "It's fine." Alexander replied with a smile.
  5. Awhhh, you helped them make up! "So guys, what's Hogwarts like?" You asked, leaning back in your seat with your new friends. Evan was the first to speak up. "It's amazing. Slytherin is so cool to be in. Can't wait to see what you get sorted as." Nathan hopped up from his seat and sat thisclose to you. "Gryffindor's pretty cool. It's pretty fun to be the adventurous ones." He said quickly with a wink. Alexander playfully rolled his eyes. "Nathan also flirts with every single girl that comes to Hogwarts." As he said that, your heart sank a little. Is that the only reason why he was being so nice to you? "Really?" You asked , turning to Nathan and trying not to sound hurt and let your guard down. "Well, yeah, but... I'm changed now. Don't worry about it. Soon, I'll just try to keep you all to myself." You smiled at each other and he rubbed his nose against yours.
  6. You laughed and excused yourself from the compartment to change into your robes, since you were arriving at Hogwarts in about half an hour. On the way to the bathrooms, you see Oliver walking towards his compartment. "Oliver!" You happily call out from behind him. He turned around with an expectant look in his eyes. He gave you a confident smile, very unlike him! "Hey." He said happily while walking towards you. "You're ______, right? I guess the guys have told you about me." He stated, sounding totally calm, cool, and collected. "Wow! You seem....different then before." You admitted with a small laugh, and looked into his eyes. "Yeah, I just get...nervous around girls. Especially around the guys. But as soon as I saw you, I guessed you were sweet, kind, and probably easy to talk to. Guess I was right. I hope to see you in Hufflepuff. Oh, and one last thing..." He said cooly, taking your phone from your hands and typing something in. "Text me." He said, gave you a small hug, and departed to his compartment.
  7. You got dressed in your robes and didn't look half-bad in them. Walking back into your compartment, the train slowed to a stop and a mix of nervousness and excitement began to fill your body. You were really going to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! Eeeeep! The guys helped you with your bags as you followed the First Years to be sorted. You felt so out of place as you crossed the lake and confidently strode across the Great Hall. It was big, vast and spacious- the charmed sky looked beautiful as ever as it showed the last signs of the purple sunset. Slightly trembling with nervousness, you heard each name being called one by one.
  8. As soon as your name was called, you tried to seem confident as you stepped up and sat on the small stool. You saw a very old, raggedy-looking hat being placed on your head as yo began to tremble.
  9. You heard the Sorting Hat begin to speak to you- this thing could talk?! "You are a very sweet will cause some major boy jealousy here, I can tell..." He said with a chuckle, while you whispered under your breath. "Please don't let me regret this, sir." You pleaded to the talking hat, thinking you were about to go crazy. "Don't worry," it replied, "whatever will happen will happen. I will choose the House that would bring out the best in you..."
  10. CLIFFHANGER! Hehe sorry :3 I really hoped you liked this one! Check back soon for part 3, okay? (:

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Quiz topic: My Hogwarts life! (: Part Two!