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Welcome to the third installment of YOUR Hogwarts life! (: I really hope you guys like this one, sorry the questions are so long! XD I hope you guys love taking these, because I love making them. PLEASE READ: In the results, I said check back soon for part 3, but I meant to put 4. Sorry XD

Warning: There is a very small spoiler from Deathly Hallows in this quiz, so if you don't know ho dies or if you haven't read the book, just be careful when reading the questions. Quiz away! :D

Created by: AnaisVogueLover
  1. Tighterning your grip on the stool, you slightly wince while you wait for the Sorting Hat to make its decision. "I will place you in...GRYFFINDOR!"
  2. You let out a sigh as the Gryffindor table cheered for you. Seeing Nathan's face in the crowd of red and gold ties, he's clapping the hardest and pats the seat next to him. You sit and to your surprise, he gives you a kiss. The table went wild.
  3. Headmaster Hinneus made her start-of-term speech, and everyone began to dig into their food. You fill your plate with:
  4. You make your plate while everyone at the Gryffindor table began to introduce themselves. A girl sitting across from you gave you a huge smile. "I'm Angela. You're _____, right? I've heard so much about you! I can tell we're going to be great friends. Stay with my group, and you'll definitely be popular." She added a wink and took a clean bite of her egg frittata.
  5. "Thanks! Nice to know that I feel welcome here." You flash a friendly smile back at her and you almost swore you could see her roll her eyes a little bit. Maybe she has an eye problem? "Bee-tee-double-you," she said, spelling the text "˜BTW', "all us popular Gryffie girls are having another one of our famous sleepovers tonight. Everyone wants to be invited and every fresh piece of gossip is started at them. We NEVER let anyone but cool fourth-year Gryffindor girls attend, and we'll make an exception for you." She added, pointing at you and giving you a wink. "It's an offer you can't refuse. Will you come?" She asks with a hypnotizing look in her eyes.
  6. "Sure! Sounds fun. I'll be there." You say with a confident smile. "Great." Angela says excitedly as soon as you replied. Nathan was turned around talking to another Gryffindor, and spotted you and Angela talking. "_____... I see you've met Angela!" He said in a not-too-excited tone. "Yeah! She invited me to one of their sleepovers. Pretty cool, huh?" You say, flashing Nathan a smile. "That's awesome. Just be careful, babes." He says while putting his arm around you. He gave Angela a look that said: Mess with her, and I'll mess with you. She just sent him a small smile back. "Um, something going on here?" You asked with a worried tone and looked at the both of them. "Oh, nothing! It's not important. I'll tell you later. Me and Nathan are friends." She said as if it were nothing and flashed him a more-than-fake smile. He returned one with raised eyebrows. As soon as you were about to say something, the food on the plates disappeared and reappeared with dessert. "Awesome!" Nathan exclaimed and began to pile desserts on his plate. You take:
  7. Once the desserts disappeared, so did everyone from the Great Hall. Angela and Nathan were nowhere to be seen: did all Gryffindors do this? You became lost in the crowd as you felt a hand rest on your shoulder. Quickly, you whipped around and saw...Oliver! "Oliver!" You shouted and threw your arms around his neck. He happily returned the hug and grabbed your hand. "Come on, we're going to the Hufflepuff common room." He said with a mischievous smile and led you straight downstairs. Laughing together, you swiftly sprinted into the Hufflepuff common room. It was very cozy-looking, with comfortable chairs and portraits of Nymphadora Tonks, Cedric Diggory, and other memorable Hufflepuffs that have passed away. "Wow, it's beautiful in here." You whispered, in awe of the room. It was packed, so nobody really noticed you as the odd one out. "Am I allowed to be in here?" You asked, turning towards Oliver. "Yeah, but the curfew is 10:00 for third years. It's only 8:30, but I wish you could stay." He added sweetly and took your hands into his. Some people turned around and soon, the whole Hufflepuff common room was shouting, "Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!"Oliver looked into your eyes and gave you a 15-second kiss.
  8. Everyone cheered and for the whole rest of the time, you guys all hung out. The Hufflepuffs were as nice as the Sorting Hat sang they were! Before you knew it, it was 10:00 pm. Oliver walked you to the Gryffindor common room, gave you a quick peck on the cheek, and headed back down towards the Hufflepuff common room. While you about to enter, you realized that nobody told you the password! Frantically looking around, you saw Alexander heading your way. He didn't notice you yet. You:
  9. You decided to pick the easiest option and flag down Alexander. Plus, it would give you some time to catch up with him. "Alexander!" You whisper-shouted to him and he looked at you. A big smile broke out across his face as he picked you up and spun you around. "_____. The beautiful girl I wanted to see. What are you doing out here?" He kept his hands around you and you put your hands around his neck. "I don't know the password..." You said with an embarrassed giggle. "What are you doing here, Alexander?" He gave you a confident smile. "I'm giving this section of Hogwarts a security check, just to make sure everything's in order. I'm planning to be a prefect." He said positively with a smug smile. "Oh, awesome! you happen to know the password?" You asked with a little laugh. He gave you a quick nod and jammed his hand in his jacket pocket. "Here. My number's on it, too." He handed you a paper with his number and the word "˜waterloo'. You flashed him a smile as a "˜thanks', and turned towards the portrait of the Fat Lady. "Waterloo." "Come on in, sweetheart!" She said, opening up the entrance. "____, wait." Alexander said before pulling you into his arms and giving you a kiss. It was nice, sweet, and PRIVATE. You laughed and pulled away before entering the portrait hole. You heard Alexander say "text me!" from the hallway.
  10. You bit your lip in excitement and sprinted off towards the girls' dorms without glancing at the common room. The room was filled with luggage and about 10 older-looking girls gossiping at a nearby bed. You pointed at the empty bed with your bags on top. "This is mine, right?" You asked sweetly before noticing Angela in the center of the Gossip Girls. "____!" She shouted before giving you a huge hug and a confident smile. "Guys, this is the third-year newbie I was telling you guys all about! Isn't she fabola?" She shouted while the throng of girls rushed over to you, giving you compliments like there was no tomorrow. "Is your bag Prada? LOVE it!" A red head sixth-year girl asked approvingly. You nodded your head and realized- you were popular. Was there a catch? "You're JUST in time for the sleepover." Angela said excitedly, grabbing your wrist and sitting everyone in a circle atop of their own sleeping bags. You realized your own Louis Vuitton one rolled out next to Angela's. You sat down cross-legged. "Okay, guys! Time for the oath. Everyone, put your right hands up!" Every girl followed her direction. You did, too. "I solemnly swear that nothing I say, hear or do will ever leave this room- unless it's really juicy gossip!" Everyone including you repeated the mantra. "Okay. Now let's go around, say our names, and say the name of the guy you like. You first, ____!"
  11. Everyone in the room gasped as soon as you said your answer. Angela looked like she was about to burst with anger. "He's my ex-boyfriend."
  12. Before you could say anything. your face turned the brightest shade of red and your iPhone went off. You ran to the bathroom to check it. It was a text from Evan: 'Hey :) What r u doing?' You quickly texted back: '911! You dated Angela?!' Oh no. You were going to hide in this bathroom forever. As soon as the text was sent, you got one back: 'Yeah. Meet me in the ROR in 10. Say you forgot something in a common room. We have to talk.'

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