Love at Hogwarts Pt3

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You made the quidditch team! Your the first girl ever! Is that going to make you more popular with the boys? Enjoy another quiz of love at Hogwarts pt3

Hi guys I added more twin time in it and I'll slowly but surely make some more time for all the characters! I hope you are enjoying it as much as I am!

Created by: PeculiarGirl1
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  3. You rushed to the Gryffindor common room to tell the others you made the team when two identical arem picked you up and draggeed you off somewhee else. It was the twins.
  4. "Mornin' _____" The twins said as they dragged you to outside the astronomy tower. "You mind telling me what the heck your doing?" They stared at eachother and stared back at you. "Nah"
  5. They finally dropped you on a rock. "I'm going to be late to DADA!" "Don't worry the teachers real nice." "Fine what do you want?" "for you to work for us." "What?" "We're building a joke shop and we will appreciate the extra work! Please!"
  6. They hugged you and you were off back to DADA. You snuck in the classroom but the tacher wasn't there. You sat next to Harry, Hermione aand Ron. "Where's the Professor?" "Late"
  7. "Hey, how did you go with the quidditch try-outs?" Harry asked. "Yeah how'd you do?" Ron asked. "Well...I made the team..." "That's amazing" Hermoine exclaimed and hugged you. That's when the new Proffessor walked in.
  8. "I am professor lupin today we are not in the classroom! Follow me!" You and Hermoine looked at eachother in disbelief as Pofessor Lupin took you to a room with a mirror.
  9. Ron snickered. "Am I in the wrong lesson last time I checked I didn't need to fix up my hair!" Proffessor Lupin gave him the death stare. "I am teaching you the spell Ridikulous. This mirror shows you your fears all you have to do is say that word" You payed more attention. "Now, Mr weasley you diruppted my lesson you can go first!"
  10. The line was long. You were stright after Hermoine who'd fear was failing. When it was your turn nothing came up. Proffessor Lupin stared. "Did I do something wrong?" you asked. "No.....I don't think you fear anything......well you do just not one big thing just little things you overcome..."You nodded.
  11. After the lesson was over you went to the twins for work when someone pulled you to the side. It was Cedric. "So you made it on the team?" you nodded. "And that connects tooo?" "Nothing...just curious... your the first girl to make a quidditch team." You blushed. "I should be off." Cedric nodded and let you go to care for magical creatures.
  12. Hagrid taught you about Hippogriffs. Unlucky for you and Harry you had to pet it without being killed.
  13. Buckley was actually nice and didn't eat you until Draco had had enough and broke his arm.
  14. You wen to visit him. "Before you say anything, I know it's my fault. I'm sick of Potter getting everything he wants." You stared. You then hugged him. "What's that for?" "For not dying"You let go and punched his good arm. "That's for not using your brain of yours!" he chuckled and you sighed .

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