Love at Hogwarts Pt2

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Pt2 Six bachelors. Who do you choose. It's Quidditch week will you join the team with Harry or will you fail miserably. Do you ever choose the guy? Find out.

Hey guys! It is Quidditch week will you join the Gryffindor team with Harry or will you fail miserably. Will you find the perfect guy? Find out in Love at Hogwarts Pt2.

Created by: PeculiarGirl1

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  3. "What is there to talk about?" you listened quietly to Cedric and his friends. "Dude as soon as you bumped into her you were crushing on her hard." You blushed. They walked away and you got out.
  4. "What were you doing?" You whipped around it was Draco. "Nothing...""Were you eavesdropping?" "....No...""Didn't know you had it in you." He smirked and you blushed. "Anyway you should be going its probabaly and embarrasment for a Gryffindor to be talking to a Slytherin." Before you could answer he walked away
  5. When you arrived at the dinner table Ron looked at you weirdly. "You alright you look like your going to be sick." you didn't respond you just sat and ate. After breakfast you rushed to double potions class.
  6. "Hey, ________" It was Harry. "Hey! Wassup?""Look I've seen you fly..." Before he could say anything else you sighed. "Harry I told you I'm not doing the quidditch team!" "PLEASE!" You sighed. "Fine...only because your cute. He blushed
  7. When you arrived at potions everyone had there seats. You sat in the corner alone until Draco came. "Aren't you with Crab and Goyle? I thought they were your minions?" "They cause more trouble than help...What?" He caught you staring.
  8. "Umm....Don'texpectmetodoallthework."You said. "You do all the work."He chuckled. "Try to keep up....I excel at potions you don't it's a favour." You stared. "Are you blushing?""No!" He chuckled. That's when Snape walked in.
  9. After a long lesson of potions you met up with Harry who gave you tips. "Wish me luck!" You kissed him on the cheek and went to the field.
  10. "Good afternoon Gryffindors! I am Oliver Wood captain of the team and you are here for quidditch and quidditch only! You are to split up in groups and choose positions then we'll start!" Oliver split you and others into two teams. "Beater, Beater, Keeper, Chaser!" When the boy came to you he smiled."Seeker!" You paused. The seeker has the biggest role but you nodded. "Ready" Oliver shouted "Go!"
  11. When you went on the pitch you were first up and so was the opposite seeker. You both looked around. Then you heard the wings. You zoomed backwards and the opposition followed. Then all of a sudden the snitch dived and you followed. The opposition pulled up as you were to close to the ground but you dived until. You caught it.
  12. "Team 1 wins!" Oliver cried. "You!" he pointed to you and passed you a uniform. "Welcome to the team!"

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