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Love at Hogwarts is the newest Hogwarts love story! With six bachelors who do you choose? Enjoy this new Hogwarts quiz for the lovers of the original!

Hi guys! Yes I am currently aware that I am a copycat but I have been inspired to write this quiz! It looks like fun! And with experience with: Love at Ms Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children I think I can handle the reputation of these amazing stories!

Created by: PeculiarGirl1

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  3. It's your third year at Hogwarts and you groggily walk off the train after sharing a cabin with Pansy Parkinson. When you get off you weren't looking and bumped into the two pranksters of the school. You:
  4. After the run in you walk away into the dark forest to say hello to Hagrid before you went to school. You weren't the only one there. You tripped ove a tree root and strong arms caught you. It was Cedric Diggory. What do you do?
  5. "What were you doing out here alone?" "I should ask you the same thing!" At the same time you both said. "Visiting Hagrid" you both stoped and stared. "He's not here soo we should go back..." You nodded and blushed and went back to the boats.
  6. After that encounter you went to the great feast. As soon as you stepped into the room. Harry, Hermione and Ron embraced you in a hug. You say
  7. After what seemed like forever they let go and you took your place at the Griffyndor table, to listen to Proffessor Dumbeldors announcements. When he declared Hagrid was the new magical beastes professor you:
  8. After the feast was done you made your way to the library to get the new fantastic beasts and where to find them for a light read. Afterwards when you made your way to the gryffindor common room you heard a voice. "Don't fall all over me ____! Don't expect me to catch you!" It was Draco
  9. Draco had nothing to say after your response so you walked away and went ot sleep with the others.
  10. You fell asleep straight away and you woke up realy early to get up. When you made your way to breakfast you saw Cedric and his friends. You heard one of them say your name and you hid behind a suit of armour.

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