Hogwarts Crush!! Part 1

This quiz is about true love. Here are the characters involved in the story: Harry, Ron, Draco, Oliver, Cedric, and Fred/George. You choose your fate, you choose who you like!

Do YOU like Hogwarts? Do you like romance? Then this is the story for youuuu!! Honestly. This features many characters, and this is only your first year!! There will be much more to come.

Created by: Hogwarts_Fanatic of Hogwarts Crush Quiz Part 1
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  1. Hey Friendsss!! So this is part 1 of 4. Each guy will ask you on a date, and the one you choose has a separate Quiz for the date. Enjoy!!
  2. You sit on the train, sitting in a booth with all of your new friends you made. There are a lot of boys who asked to sit with you, but you don't mind. You're honestly just staring at...
  3. The train has arrived at Hogwarts. You walk into the dining hall, nervous yet excited. As the hat falls onto your head, it calls out:
  4. As you hustle over to your table, you peek over and see Harry grinning at you. What's he smiling about? You also spot Cedric, and he waves to you. You wave back, and enjoy the feast as you dream about your life at Hogwarts.
  5. As you're walking to your dorm, someone stops you in the hallway. It's Draco! "Hello. I saw you get sorted into___. Very happy for you." You're wondering why a slytherin is talking to you, but you brush it aside, so you smile and nod. "Thank you Draco." Draco blushes slightly and continues the conversation. "D-do you have to be friends with... them?" You look to him in confusion, then realize he means Harry, Ron, and Hermione. "What? They're my closest friends!!" Draco realizes what he said and just shakes his head and walks off. What was that all about?! You shrug to yourself and walk off to your room.
  6. You get to your room, and start to fall asleep quietly when you hear a noise on your window. Tap, tap. It's an owl! You get up and open the window, and the owl comes fluttering in with grace. The light flap of its wings didn't wake anyone, so your thankful. You peek at the letter, and can just faintly see who it's from in the dark. It's a note from Oliver! You sigh happily and unravel the parchment. 'Dear ____, meet me outside after Potions.' Is this a date, or is he just wanting to talk? You think about the note all night, wondering what it was about.
  7. (You have been forced to meet Oliver.) You walk outside of class and look to your right, only to spot Oliver. "Ummm... hey." He looks nervous. What could he be nervous about? You brush it off, and just and laugh. "Hey Oliver." He nods and blushes intensely before wandering off quickly. Did I do something? Why did he leave me like that?. "___!! QUICK!" It's Ron and Harry who yelled that. You rush over with excitement. What's going on?! What's happened?!
  8. After a bit, you are finally dragged around. Apparently, the Philosophers Stone had been threatened by he-who-must-not-be-named. You are filled with wonder, and admiration for Harry. Ron notices you watching Harry and he interjects. "Pardon me, ____, but I was wondering if you'd like to sit with my at the next Quidditch match?" You blush but nod happily. Wow, a date?? This is a new one! Harry looks slightly unhappy, but shrugs and walks off.
  9. As you are pondering about the year, you bump full on into Cedric. "Oh, I'm so sorry." He looks embarrassed and moves aside. "No worries." You grin at him and he smiles in return. "I've heard you're____, right?" Cedric looks at you with a hopeful look in his eyes. "Yes, that's me." Cedric looks incredibly happy and waves goodbye. He seems sweet, you think. But everyone else is too!!
  10. You see Oliver around the corner. "____!! Happy to see you!" He dashes over to you and gives you the cutest of hugs. You grin and hug him back. "Glad to see you too, buddy!" He pulls away a smile so wide on his face his jaw might fall off. You blush happily, and you watch him run off. "I shall definitely see you soon, ___!!!!!" You laugh and walk down the hallway, happy as can be.
  11. This year has definitely been weird, but... fun. Exciting. And in some ways, romantic. As you're walking back to your room, thoughts swirling around through your brain, you suddenly feel hot. Of course, within a second, there's a light kiss planted just on your cheek....
  12. That's it for Part 1. Part 2 will be out shortly, and in Part 3, You may be asked out on a date! :)))

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