Which Quidditch Player Are You?

I have compared Quidditch to life in this quiz. I think a life comparison with your results may help you learn more about who you are... not that this quiz is completely accurate, maybe the percentage is not right... but it will be good to believe the results so then you carry them with you and learn something about yourself.

For question 6 I did twelfth birthday because in your second year at Hogwarts you have a fair chance of being in the Quidditch team. I hope you have fun on this quiz. If so, look out for more quizzes on this website by Ora Potter! (Harry Potter divorced Ginny Weasley for multiple reasons.)

Created by: Ora Potter
  1. Which one do you like the sound of best/are best at?
  2. Which comes to your liking most?
  3. What broomstick would you rather be on?
  4. How nervous would you be before a Quidditch match?
  5. If S stands for Stand Strong, B stands for Believe In You, C stands for Call For Time Out and K stands for Keep Cool , which would you chose?
  6. What would you want for your twelfth birthday? (Even if you are/over twelve and if you were a witch or wizard)
  7. What would your YouTube channel be about? (Even if you have one already)
  8. What house would you chose ( Even if you have already been sorted)
  9. If you have a best friend/sibling in Ravenclaw who is in the Ravenclaw Quidditch team and you are in Hufflepuff, which team/person do you support in a Hufflepuff vs Ravenclaw Quidditch match?
  10. What is better for a Beater?
  11. What do you do to get revenge; Win a race; Pass a test; Get points for the Triwizard Tournament etc?
  12. Strong or Reluctant?
  13. Trusted, Liked, Looked Up To, Genius or Helper?
  14. Harry, Hermione or Ron?
  15. Make Quiz or Take Quiz?

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Quiz topic: Which Quidditch Player am I?