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Have you imagined yourself competing in a thrilling quidditch match? Every fan of Harry Potter surely has. But what position are you playing? Do you want the glory of being the seeker and catching the Snitch? You may be better suited to another position, though.

This page has our best Quidditch quizzes. Please enjoy and share with your friends! Maybe you can get a whole Quidditch team going.

Our Quidditch Quizzes

  • Which Quidditch Player Are You?
    [by: Ora Potter, rated: rated: 4.14/5, published: Dec 18, 2017]

    Find out which Quidditch position would be your best match. Will you be a Seeker like Harry Potter?

  • Which Quidditch player would you be?
    [by: chocolatefrog, rated: rated: 4.07/5, published: Jun 27, 2012]

    Have you ever wondered what position you'd play best in at Quidditch? This quiz will take your abilities and best sports qualities and tell you which is right…

  • What Quidditch position should you play?
    [by: agentmotherboard, rated: rated: 3.99/5, published: Jan 5, 2015]

    This is a quiz to see what quidditch position you should play! Also to see if you are like your favorite Harry Potter characters! I know there are many…

  • Which position should you play in a quidditch team?
    [by: aadee, rated: rated: 3.98/5, published: Jun 19, 2014]

    Hey there Muggles! Don't you wish you could play the best sport ever, Quidditch? Find out what position you'd play.

  • What Quidditch Position should you Play?
    [by: MalorieMoon, rated: rated: 3.98/5, published: Dec 23, 2011]

    Every Harry Potter fan has heard of the wonderful sport of Quidditch, played on broomsticks, fourteen players, very dangerous. But what position would be best…

  • How Much do You Know About Quidditch?
    [by: Maya, rated: rated: 3.63/5, published: Sep 29, 2013]

    If you know a lot about quidditch and how it is played, you should be able to pass this trivia quiz.

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