Quidditch Quiz :D How Much do You Know About Quidditch?

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So, you think you know about the sport of quidditch. Do you know the name of the team from England is called? How about Romania's team? You should be able to tell me who participated in the Quidditch Cup.

Are you a Quidditch Expert? Only one way to find out: To take this quiz! Well, now it's time. Soon I will make a position quiz. Until then, have fun with this quiz!

Created by: Maya

  1. How many chasers are there on a quidditch team?
  2. How many beaters?
  3. How many Keepers?
  4. Seekers?
  5. What is the ball that the chasers toss? (hint: It's red!)
  6. What is the magical dodgeball that the beaters must beat? (it's black)
  7. What is the ball that the seeker must, uh, seek?
  8. What does the Follar do?
  9. What is the chaser's job?
  10. What town is the Holyhead Harpies from?
  11. Which team is Ginny Weasley's (I love ya, Ginny!) favorite team, which she played for until she had children and became a senior quidditch correspondent at the Daily Prophet?
  12. Who won the Quidditch Cup in the Goblet of Fire?

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Quiz topic: Quidditch Quiz :D How Much do I Know About Quidditch?