Forever Sailing:3

Hey! It's been a while:/. But I have midterms, Ive been sick, play rehersals, and audtions! I really hope you like this part(: and I reallyyyyy like you face.

Ethan- Shaggy blonde hair. Blue eyes the color of the ocean. Tall. 16 Erin- Curly brown hair. Glowing green eyes. Medium height. 16 Anna- Dark brown hair. Brown eyes. Tall. 26. Ben- Curly brown hair. Green/Blue eyes. Tall. 25. Tom- Brown hair. Blue eyes. Short. 32. Griffin- Sleek black hair. Violet/Blue eyes. Tall. 21. Emma- Curly blonde hair. Brown eyes. Short. 16.

Created by: adela21
  1. Erins POV I woke up and Ethan was on the ground. In the most hilarous posion. One leg going right. One leg going left. Both of his arms looked as if they were rubber. And he was drooling. How cute. "Ethan" i tapped his belly with my foot " Ethan" I hit his belly. "ETHAN!" i kicked him in the gut." Ouch, that hurt" he said getting up " Good morning to you too" He said. "Hiws your cut?" He asked. " All gone " i said smiling. "And i am your partner for your quest you know" i added. " Yup, now lets get some food. Im hungry " And he walked out.
  2. As Ethan and i walked in Anna was grabbing the microphone and starting to speak. " As we know, Ethan and Erin will be going on a quest. Ben and i decied that this quest is far too dagerous for the two of them so," Anna said grabbing a hat with the names of the campers in it. " Griffin Montgomery will go with them " Anna said pointing to Griffin. He had sleek black hair. Violet/Blue eyes and very lean. He looked at me and winked. I could feel my face burn up as he walked towards us. " Hey! So i am guessing i am going with you guys? " He said. He had a accent but i couldnt tell from where. " Are you like greek? " I blurted out. " Russian actually " He said and smiled. I could get used to this guy.
  3. Ben pulled all three of us into the directors cabin. " You guys are leaving today. " He said. " Well babe ill see you on the plane " Griffin said giving my wasit a squeeze and walking out. I could see a glint of sadness in Ethsns eyes. " Here is the infomation, look it over and give one to Griffin please " Ben said. Ethan had already taken all the pages out. " We are going on a cruise?! " Ethan said shocked. Ben gave a little smile and we walked out. A cruise. Hot guys without shirts soaking wet. I think i was going to faint. " Its only for a day though" Ethan said reading while walking to his cabin. " It says: Ant, our former camper has been ploting something for a long time z and we need you peole to find out. Just go and see if you spot Ant if not come back but if you do call Ben at 1-800-482-6801" There go all my hopes and dreams for this cruise.
  4. Ethan and i went looking for Griffin and found him in the " Flying " cabin, already packed. " Here Griffin, we are going on a cruise " Ethan said handing him the packet. " Nice " He grabbed the packet, and winked at me. Right as we were leaving i heard him call " I call the seat next to the pretty one! " Ethan smirked " I dont think he is talking anout me " He said. I laughed. The problem is when he said that his nails we digging into his own skin as if he was mad.
  5. Ethans POV I felt like i was losing her. My best friend. I went to go pack and so did Erin. After anout a half an hour i was ready and so was she. Ben told us Griffin was already at the airport. We got a ride from Tom but nobody spoke. As Erin and i were getting out Tom said, " Becareful please, I want you two to come back " He smiled and drove away. Erin and I we walking to the luggage thing we people off another plane were coming down the staris. Erin stopped and she had tears in her eyes.
  6. "Daddy!" I heard her say running up to a man in a military uniform. " I missed you.....i love you " She spoke between sobs. " I love you too, honey. And the camp called they said i would see you " She hugged him said her goodbyes and before we knew if we are on the plane.
  7. As Erin and i boarded the plane we saw Griffin already half asleep. I took as seat next to this girl and Erin joined me. The flight attendents explained ehat ypu do if you crash, seatbelts,..bla..bla...bla. I took out my phone and looked at the pictures. My foster family who dosent give a crap about me. " Excuse me but have you seen a purple laptop case anywhere? " The girl next to me asked. She had a french accent. Curly blonde curls, and brown eyes. I looked under my seat and i found it. " Here ya go " I said handing it to her. " Thanks " She held out her hand " Emma " She said. " Ethan " I shook her hand. " Nice to meet you " I said. She smiled. I could feel my palm getting sweaty. " Wanna see something? " Emma asked. " Sure " I replied. 
  8. She took her Mac out and went to ' Albums '. " This is my hometown " Emma said showing me a picture of her and the Eiffel Tower. " Wow. Thats amazing " I couldnt believe how tall the Eiffel Tower was. " I am going back soon " Emma said, a wave a dissapointment washed over me, i thought she was going on the cruise. " But to end this vacation im going on a cruise! " She said pulling up a picture of the cruise ship i was going on. " Same here! " I said. " Cool " she yawned and rested her head on the window. After about twenty mintues her head was on my shoulder. And i was drifting asleep too.
  9. " Ariving in Florida in twenty mins. " I heard over the speaker. From Iowa to Florida that fast? I thought. Emma was awake and chating with someone on facebook. And Erin, well I haven't spoken to her the whole flight. " Wheres your family? " She said softly. " My mom died the day I was born, And my father, he got sent to jail and tried to escape but they killed him. " I confesed. " Why was he in jail? " She blurted out. " He.... He killed my little sister. " I could feel erins hand on my arm. " I am so sorry, did you only have a sister? " She asked. " I had a twin brother too, but I wasn't allowed to see him. " I said. Erin was going to say something but the plane landing interupted her.
  10. Erin held my hand as we got off the plane. I looked around for Emma but I couldn't find her. Griffin was hitting on Erin the whole bus ride long. " So me and you will share a room tonight? " Griffin said smirking. Erin just kept a poker face. " You disgusting and very vulgar " I said. He ignored me. We finally got to the spot where we boarded the cruise ship. All of us had a day pass." It's a Disney cruise! " Erin screamed. Griffin was already in the pool, while we actually did our jobs. " Do you see him? " I asked " No " Erin was staring at a locket that said ' Dreams do come true'. I knew she wanted it. " Uh, i need to go to the bathroom meet you right here! " Erin ran down to the bathroom. And I got her that neckalace. 
  11. Erins POV " Back! " I said slipping my hand into Ethans. " Hey uh, we need to leave in like 15 mins. So, I got you this. " Ethan put the locket I was looking at on my neck. " Ethan, you do need too " I said. " I wanted too " He smiled. Then all of a sudden Griffin comes running towards us. " We need to get off the ship! " We were late. In Five minutes we would be on our way to France. All three of us ran towards the exits. The last ones. Then, BAM! All of us hit something. I looked up and touched the outside. There was invisable barrier, keeping us in. We are trapped.

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