Some Things Last Forever

Do you believe that there are some things that last forever??? Take this quiz to find out how much you believe in the power of real magic- the magic of your heart.

Plenty of things last forever. Love, Hope, Faith, Friendship, Dreams- just to name a few. But do you really believe that? You must believe somewhat to want to take this quiz in the first place, and that's great!

Created by: emmaevanna
  1. If your friend says "luv ya!" what do you say?
  2. Do you want to believe in happily ever after?
  3. Which Taylor Swift song do you like best?
  4. Which Selena Gomez song do you like best?
  5. Do you believe that some things last forever?
  6. Do you believe in wishes on a star?
  7. Do you believe God really listens?
  8. Which genre is your favorite?
  9. What lasts forever?
  10. Did this quiz make you think?

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