How well do you know JP?

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I don’t know how good at those things I could be, I’m not any of them but this I want you to see. If I were a friend I couldn’t let you down, I’d never let you fall or walk away from me with a frown. If I were a friend I would hold your hand, I would be with you always, I hope you understand. If I were a friend I would give you my all And though it’s not much, I’ll be there when you call. If I were a friend I’d be in every memory too When you laughed, when you cried, I’d be with you. I CAN be these things, it’s not impossible to be a friend, I CAN be your best and I’ll be here till the end. If I were forever, you would be too Together forever – me and you…

Thank you for partaking in a Quiz that would enable me to know the standpoint of all my friends and loved ones. This test was not to alleviate my friends rather perfect our relationship to be bigger and greater in Life.

Created by: JP of facebook
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  1. Is JP a Friend or more than a Friend, almost Family, Family or more than Family?
  2. Which would JP choose, Gold or Silver
  3. How old is JP?
  4. Based on the past and how JP has helped in anyway, comforted, assisted, supported or was there for you for no particular reason. Which would he choose between the two, Family or Friends or Family more than Friends or Friends more than Family?
  5. What is JP's Best Friends name?
  6. Where does JP work?
  7. YES or NO? Does JP have an attitude problem?
  8. If JP considered you to be his Love for Life. Would he give up his world for you or would he continue on without you?
  9. If JP had one wish. What do you think that wish would be?
  10. What kind of Car does JP Drive?
  11. If JP was to loose something he worked hard to get, how will he take it?
  12. What Village does JP reside in?
  13. Does JP have Medical Issues that people should be concerned about and maybe suffering from it?
  14. What does JP love doing daily?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know JP?