Are you a good friend?

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there are a lot of good friend out there in the world but you are one of the greatest one any one can ask for. What is a true friend? A person very nice open minded and much more

are you a true friend ? do you have the rights to own a person trust? Well find out in this fairly short quiz and see if you are a good friend. if you think you are a good friend find out now

Created by: Geo
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  1. How often do you see your friend/s?
  2. Do you get your friend/s presents on their birthdays?
  3. What's the best part about your friend/s?
  4. Picture this - you and your friend/s like the same guy/girl. What do you do?
  5. if you were babysitting your little cousin and at the same time your friend was having her/his b-day who'd you
  6. if your friend is really bad at math and there is a math test coming up in a week or two who'd you
  7. if your friend get a new friend who'd you
  8. if you had the same crush as your friend but your crush like her/him instead of you who'd you
  9. your friend blames every mistake she does who'd you
  10. if it was yore birthday party and your friend got you nothing who'd you

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Quiz topic: Am I a good friend?