How good of a friend are you?

A friend is a person who is always by your side. Someone who supports you no matter what. Someone who comforts you when you're afraid. A friend is a great thing.

But are you as good of a friend as you think you are? What are your best friend qualities? This quiz will help you find out whether you a good friend or not.

Created by: Hailey
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  1. Your best friend sat in water but didn't notice. You would...
  2. Someone is bullying your friend. You...
  3. Your friend is angry with you. You..
  4. Someone stole your friends favorite pen. You..
  5. Your friend makes the team they dreamed of being on. You...
  6. Your friends dog died and they're very sad. You..
  7. Your friend is scared. You..
  8. Your friend invites you over but you can't go. You..
  9. Your friend is being annoying. You..
  10. Your friend is depressed because her parents are fighting. You..

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Quiz topic: How good of a friend am I?