Is Your Best Friend Really your Best Friend?

This quiz will tell you if your best friend is really your best friend or if they are just friends or actually really hate you, I hope that you find out the truth.

My best friend has been going out late at night and is no longer the same person. People told me she was talking about me and calling me a b----, when I asked her about it she got really angry at me. When we where talking again she said that she's not any less mad at me. When I confronted her in person she said she said it because I'm a b----. This showed me a side to her which I never wanna see again. I found out her true colours which hurt.

Created by: Isobel Rodger

  1. How often do you hang out?
  2. How often do you have arguments?
  3. How do they act around other friends?
  4. What do they do if you have bad makeup on?
  5. What do they do if someone is saying mean things to you?
  6. Have you ever heard rumours that they don't like you?
  7. Do they text you back?
  8. Do they ever invite you places?
  9. Do they ever call you names?
  10. Overall how would you say your friendship is...

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Quiz topic: Is my Best Friend Really my Best Friend?