Do Your Friend Likes You?

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Does your friend like you? Or does your friend hate you? Do you want to find out? Well, take our quiz and we will calculate your results out in just a split-second!

If you did not calculate the right results that you want, well who knows? This is just a guess. Well if you really wants to find out, then this quiz will be a simple clue to you!

Created by: Maya
  1. What letter does your friend's name begins with? (Or maybe your friend's name is already on there)
  2. What would you do if you find your friend's username on an online chat or multi-player game?
  3. When would you hurt your friend?
  4. Think of a reason why that you will hurt your friend.
  5. What hair colour is your friend?
  6. How possible will it be for you to care about your friend seriously when he/she is hurt, or sad, or something else.
  7. Do you like your friend anyway?
  8. What would you think of if your friend is sick and have to quit school for this whole year? (Only answer if you and your friend are in the same school)
  9. Which two things will you and your friend share together?
  10. Do you know your friend's personalities yet?
  11. Which two do you think is the most important characters in school?
  12. What will you feel if your friend suddenly appears on a television show and you are not?
  13. What is your friend's gender anyway?
  14. Now tell me your friend's age please.
  15. How did you and your friend met?
  16. What is best to describe your friend?
  17. Ever thought about friendship...
  18. Ever thought of dating your friend if your friend has the opposite gender with you...
  19. Ever thought of making new friends...
  20. To me, I think that my friend is...
  21. Why do you think friends are important?
  22. What do you want to say to your friend at last?
  23. Do you cares about friends or yourself?
  24. What would you do if you saw your friend talking to your worst enemy?
  25. What will you feel if your friend has found a good partner and you have not?
  26. Is your friend's life better than you? (Like food, clothes)
  27. What do you like to be when you are playing games like "Follow the leader"?
  28. What do you know about your friend?
  29. Have you ever done something nice to your friend? (Well you must have at least done one)
  30. Have you ever done anything mean to your friend?
  31. Have you got angry at your friend before? Why did you?
  32. Have you thought of breaking up with your friend?
  33. What do you think your friend can improve on to make you happy?
  34. What will you do if your friend did something mean to you? Like pulling down your pants?
  35. What do you think you need to make your friend like you better? (Well that is the quiz aim)
  36. Is your friend bigger than you?
  37. (If you are a girl press skip) What games do you and your friend play? (This is a boy's only question)
  38. (If you are a boy press skip) What games do you and your friend play? (This is a girl's only question)

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