Does He wanna be more than just friends?

Do you have a friend who you've been crushing on for a while and you don't know if he likes you too?? Well find out here...take the test and see if your crush wants more than just a friendship!

Just find out if the guy/friend you're crushing on likes you too! U never know, maybe he does! Just go for it and see! Maybe something good will come from this quiz!

Created by: Lisa
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. During class, does he look over a lot?
  2. Does he talk to you a lot?
  3. Does he give you any "signs" that he wants more than just friendship?
  4. What does he do?
  5. Is he different around you when your with more friends?
  6. Do friends of him/yours tell you that he talks bout you a lot?
  7. Do you talk to him over text or social media?
  8. Have YOU ever told HIM how YOU feel about HIM?
  9. Has he ever given you a small present or something similar?
  10. Has he ever said "I LOVE YOU" to you?

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