Do you like him/her? Does s/he likes you?

Many people are sometimes confuse about a certain person. Whether to consider them as their friend, love, or no one at all. Many times they feel as if one second they love them but the next as if they love them as a friend.

I am pretty sure that YOU have felt this way before. Take this quiz to find out if you like him/her and does s/he likes you back! Even if you haven't felt this way, take it to see if you really like your crush or just the idea of him/her.

Created by: Julie
  1. When you are stress and s/he call or on MSN (ebuddy), do you feel relieve and HAPPY?
  2. Is he/she hot!?
  3. When you guys talk (on the phone or online) does s/he makes you...
  4. What does s/he tell you when you two are talking/chatting?
  5. How long do you two talk/chat?!
  6. When you are bored and have nothing to you wish that he/she is on or call you?
  7. When you are at work/school, do you think about him/her?
  8. Sometimes, you are bored do you write his/her name down?
  9. When you are going to sleep, do you think of him/her and want to dream about him/her?
  10. When you know that s/he is going to be at the place, do you dress up really nice and look your best?

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Quiz topic: Do I like him/her? Does s/he likes you?