TF4: Which Autobot is your sidekick?

Life sure has a hell of a tool on you, doesn't it? GET OVER IT! Just do this crazy-cool quiz! I mean, how else to punch stress in the face? Eat chocolate? :)

What's that? Do I hear engines? Oh, yeah, so shut up, strap in and hold on for dear life as you do this quiz for goodness sake! All it does is team you up with one of my friends!

Created by: EJ12
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  1. You wake up one morning to the sound of a horn. You look out the window and see:
  2. You see it turn into a giant robot right before your eyes! What does it say?
  3. The robot sees a big ugly truck approaching. He:
  4. The truck changes into Galvatron, who then grabs you. The robot:
  5. With Galvatron gone, you heave a sigh of relief, then release your pent-up anger by:
  6. Oh no! Your house just got blown up! What do you do?
  7. A bunch of Decepticons attack the city. How does your companion deal with them?
  8. You're at a party with loud music and alcohol. A drunk mate goes to his car. How do you stop him from killing himself?
  9. On the way home, some crazy guy accidentally crashes into you. Your drunk mate thumps the dashboard, whistles and runs. What happens next?
  10. The next day, you decide to relax. Your companion joins you. What do you do all day?

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Quiz topic: TF4: Which Autobot is my sidekick?