Can you hold your pee?

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A test to see if you, right now, can hold your pee against a series of difficult challenges. See if you are really man, or woman enough to succeed against all odds.

If you do go to the bathroom, just answer "Peed" to all following questions, ignore all other directions. Obviously you couldn't hold your pee, but if you got far on the poll, your results will reflect that.

Created by: Utnapishtim
  1. The only way to know is to push your bladder to the limits. But first, do you need to pee yet?
  2. Do you think you can hold your pee.
  3. Okay. So now let's even the playing field a bit: drink 1 glass of water for each answer down you selected on question one (1st answer= drink one cup, 2nd = drink two, etc.) and then, once finished drinking, wait five minutes per answer you selected on question two. How does that sound? Note: do not drink too much water too quickly. Pace yourself.
  4. NOW, how badly do you need to pee ;)
  5. To really test yourself, do twenty jumping jacks and ten squats.
  6. Slowly sip a glass of water to cool down after that work out. Listen to loud water sounds for at least ten minutes as you drink.
  7. How long do you think you can hold your pee, provided I am merciful and give you no more fluids?
  8. Are you still dry?
  9. Mind games! Think about waterfalls, oceans, dams bursting, firehydrants exploding. Search all of these terms into google images one by one and scroll down. Imagine how good it would feel to pee...
  10. What are you doing to hold your pee in right now?
  11. Chose one: lay on your stomach for five minutes, sit however you want for ten minutes but you no holding, or do whatever you want for fifteen minutes. How are you doing after that?
  12. Imagine you were sitting in traffic, with your bladder in the same condition as it is now. You have an empty water bottle with a narrow top in the cup holder next to you, and your biggest crush is driving the car. You are totally stopped, and in the middle of five lanes, so it would be dangerious to get out, but there is no exit for MILES so it would be at least an hour before you find a decent bathroom.
  13. Now imagine you are in the window seat on a plane. Both the passengers between you are sleeping, so you waited and waited and waited, and your bladder feels like it does right now. When you go to wake the person in the middle, the captain turns the seatbelt sign on for "severe turbulance" and asks all passangers to remain in their seats at all times until the turbulance subsides. Jump up and down for two full minutes to simulate the turbulance. What would you do?
  14. Feel your bladder. Really feel it. Poke, prod, push, and squeeze it. How does it feel?
  15. Press your bladder HARD up against a table or counter corner. Don't hold your crotch, and lean your whole wait against it. What happened?
  16. Wash your hands with warm water. Get them really clean. Now fill up a large cup of warm water. Sit on the toliet with your clothes on, and dip one hand hand in the cup. Look to the sky, spready your legs wide and breath deeply as your relax your whole body. Picture your clothes off and imagine how good it would feel to let go... sssssssssssss
  17. Now drink that whole cup of water you filled up. See why I had you wash your hands? Turns out that wasn't mean after all. Drink it slowly, then lie on your stomach with a tennis ball or similar sized object right under your bladder for five minutes
  18. Are you dry now?
  19. What are you going to do now?
  20. One last check up. How badly do you need to pee?

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Quiz topic: Can I hold my pee?

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