I will make you pee

Your bladder is a person as well find out how much your bladder Is filled up with pee and how long you can hold it for and weather or not you should go or not

Are you a expert at holding pee? Can you hold it while doing activitys ? Well take this quiz it will test you to the limits. Wonder what your fate will be take the quiz

Created by: Lily

  1. How badly you gotta pee
  2. When did you last go
  3. When did you last have a drink
  4. - put alot of toilet paper in your pants why? Because during this quiz your find out
  5. Activity- now push on your bladder what happens
  6. Push really hard like your about to pee and let it flow for 5 seconds how did it feel
  7. Again how much do u need to pee
  8. Stand up spread your legs out and push hard what happens
  9. Lay down and spread your legs out if needed put a towel under you and think of pee let lose and read this drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip
  10. You are at school and you suddenly need a pee but leave it at break you don't have time to pee so you stuff a hole toilet roll in your pants in English you are bursting to go but your in a exam knowing you have toilet roll in your pants you let a bit go and it soaks all the toilet roll you finish the exam and are doing the pee dance you go to math ask to use the toilet the teacher don't let you go your hands are in crouch and you get a itch you move slight and the warm pee rushes out of your bladder and onto the floor drip drip drop drip drip drip
  11. How is the feeling now
  12. Have you peed yet
  13. Are you wet
  14. Did I make you pee
  15. Will you now wear diapers as your so embarrassed

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