I will make you pee your pants

I'm sure so many people would love a test that would make them pee. But none of them will... Wait- I've stumbled across this quiz! It will make you pee trust me

The pee will spread everywhere; on your legs on the walls and on the roof! It won't be just those too! I'll make you pee so hard you never want to use the toilet againn

Created by: Lilith Arwen

  1. Heya. You have to be desperate if you want a really good chance of peeing. If your not too desperate, it won't be too likely you will pee. Anyways, this is hard. I peed myself taking this when I wasn't desperate. And I peed more when I was.
  2. Relax your whole body. Turn the bath on, turn the sink on, and splash your stomatch with COLD water. Rub your private. Then think about the sweet sweet relief of you peeing with everybody staring and how happy they are for you soaking yourself. You want mum and dad to be proud of you. Did you pee?
  3. Take your pants off and relax your bladder. Sit on your pants with only underwear and drink twenty bottles of water. Play a game on your phone or something, cause I'm gonna have you come back in a hour. No using the toilet! Did you pee?
  4. On a scale of one - ten how much do you need to pee?
  5. search this up Pee sounds Then turn the sink on, relaxing your bladder. Have you peed?
  6. I uh... Don't have any ideas left so the next ones are random
  7. Bob jvtbygnbb
  8. CB hdiwcbubwdc
  9. Ygh
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Quiz topic: I will make you pee my pants